17 November


Well hello hello
Glad to hear that everything is going good at home…..
Things here are going pretty good…. I can´t say that it has been the easiest week of the mission…. once again it has been a little hard to find our investigators…. But all we can do is keep working!
We were finally able to meet up with guido this week…. he is doing good, he seems a little un excited. I feel like the time mixed with the preusure from other religins is killing him a bit…. but the biggest problem is that every weekend he goes to a different part of lime to pass the time with his brother… so during the weekends, we lose contact with him and he doesn´t assist there… so for things like that, he can´t really progress… but we are working hard to help him have a desire to actually assist and do the things that are going to help him change his life.
One reason that the week went a little weird is that we lost a lot of time on wednesday. So the mission just opened up it´s very own family history office in one of the institues, and it is the first one in any mission in Peru. So on wednesday we had to go to recieve some training… it´s a little far from my sector so we lost an hour to get there, an hour in training and an hour to get back…. it´s really cool to have this resourece in our mission… but to go to thins training didn´t feel very…. eficaz (ask Eric)…. And i had recieved almost all of this training in my other zone… but i think it was more for my comp than for me…. But that was where i was able to get a little bit of indexing done…
So yesterday, we had a big video confernce from the area about ward council. It was a huge 2 hour transmition… it was really cool because they really focused on the tools that we now have that we just need to learn how to use. There is a new forum here that helps bishops set goals with new converts and with reactivateds that helps them come back with more fire. It´s something that we have been trying to get going with the ward here for a couple of weeks and it was really cool to see the area give us some backing haha… i really hope the ward can get this into play. Don´t get me wrong, the ward is excellent, There are just a few things that we need to help them fix. In these last couple of weeks, we have seen some great changes, not huge changes, but little changes that are really helping people get excited to work. We are really trying to help the ward get excited to work with us and little by little, they are trying to work more with us. For example, on sunday i saw something in elders quorom that i have never seen in my life. Our elders quorom president has been a little lazy and hard to work with these last few weeks. But between the 2 companionships, we have been trying to get him more excited. He worked with us for a day, and the other elders to this last week. So on Sunday, at the end of elderes quorom, he said “and before we go, elders, do you need help from anyone here this week, and i can help you thursday for saturday” i have never seen any president do that before, and it was awesome, so i am really excited to keep working here.
The last really cool thing that went down this week… i had to give my first baptismal interview. I gave it to a man named Julio on Friday. I was really nervous going into it to be honest, but right after the opening prayer,i just felt so comfortable, and talking to him and going through the questions was a really powerful expirience, he was really prepared so the spirit was very strong, it was cool to see somebody new, have a desire to come unto Christ. He told me a lot about how his life was changing and it was really cool to talk with him for a couple of minutes. I was really lucky to have somebody like him for my first interview….

MOM-I hope everything goes well with your car! And that is a cool expirince that you had with the temple, i´m glad that you could find names! Actually when we were at the training, one of the specialist had told me that our family was one of the most completed that she had seen haha… but ther is still work to do! And for the package, this time it would be smarter to use that lady that travels… there is a little problem with the mail right now.. and the last idea would be some ties….
ANDY- Ok so your picture with Jennifer made me burst out laughing in the internet cafe so thanks…. And that´s cool that elder Bednar came, he is always a really powerful speaker

Pues, me tengo que ir… los amo un montón.
-Elder Griffin

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