13 October

Well hello hello….
I guess everything is going good back home, from services and from a weekend in the car….
This week was pretty great… we saw some miracles that were pretty awesome for us….
In the begining of the week, i went and re-read a talk called the challenging and testyfing missionary… it´s a talk that really focuses on how missionaries should focus more on testifying so that the investigators feel the spirit and have a testimony that we are representitives of Jesus Christ, and then challenging them to baptism right there…. so i decided to try and apply that a little bit more to my mission work. We also recieved a lot training in zone meeting about commitments. So going into a couple of lesson i was really focused on the commitments. And we now have 2 people with a baptism date (one already fell because he didn´t come to church this week :(. It was really cool because it was really a lesson about applying what the principals that we learn to make progress….
We also had a really cool expirience in one of the thousands of little stores that there are here this week. We made contact with a couple of guys outside of one of these stores last week, so we went back to visit them a few days ago. So we started talking to one of them and it was really calm and chill. But little by little, more people would come in and listen to us as we were talking. Pretty soon there were like 7 people in this tiny little store all circled around us askng us a bunch of really good questions. I really felt like a prophet because there were a ton of people just asking a bunch of questions and we were there answering every single one, waving our arms in the air and everything… it was pretty cool, the spirit was really strong and it wasn´t contentious at all… even people on the street would stop for a minute to listen… it was pretty classic street preaching story… We are going to go back and visit the people that we meet there that day.
And then there was conference…. Conference just rocked…. we go to church at the stake center so we were able to watch it in the comfort of our own church. I watched the whole thing in spanish just because haha… but there were a lot of really cool things that happened in conference… 1, i really enjoyed that they let all of those people do it in their own language. It really shows that the church is growing and globalizing.. 2, in the spanish translation, when Cheryl A. Esplin was giving her talk about the sacrament, she was really calm and powerful, but she didn´t cry or anything, But the lady that was doing the translation into spanish, broke down crying! It was really cool to see the spirit hit someone and to be able to hear somebody grow spiritually. and 3, I loved all of the talks that they gave this conference, as i´m sitting here i am downloading all of them in spaish and english so i can go back and listen to them over and over until the next conference. I really enjoyed Elder Ballard and Elder Scott in the sunday morning sesh… there talks were pretty powerful to me, I also enjoyed the first guy that spoke in spanish and then the guy in portugeese (or however you spell it). All of their talks were really great. The theme of this conference was easily, revelation, prophets, administering to the poor, and holding fast. I really love conference and i´m sad it´s over, but it was a great expirience. we didn´t have any investigators go, but something that maybe made me even happier, is that Patty was able to go. We have been working with her for a long time, and it was really awesome to see her make the choice to go to conference and listen to the prophets…. Good things come from conference and i know that Patty felt the spirit there and that this is the kick start that she needed to make her way back to the church. It really helped me learn that even if we fall away, even for a long time (she hadn´t been to church in about 20 years) if we apply a little faith, and do the things necesary to recieve help and answers from God, he will always come through.

DAD- Thanks for your trunky comments, it´s not like i haven´t been getting enough of those from my comp…. I guess we are just in opposite climates, it´s just starting to get hot here… and so it begins!! That´s pretty rough about BYU, i don´t even know how it´s possible to have 10 starters out…. And i have no comment for high school football…. But that is great that RSL won, i hope they do better in the end of this season.
MOM- Wow sounds like you just lived in the car this weekend! But it´s always nice to get away haha. My companion is doing great, he speaks pretty good spanish, i don´t know what they put in the water in the Mexico CCM but all the missionarys seem to come out with a better base then we did… or at least then i did. And i can´t believe lindsay is back already.. i guess me and Jordan are the last 2 standing! For pday i think we are just going to go play soccer….
ANDY- That´s pretty sweet about that movie, the only thing i have heard was what was published in the Liahona a few months ago… i guess you´ll just have to add that to things to watch haha. That church service sounds awesome, it´s awesome when the ward can come together to do effective programs for the investigators to help the missionaries…

Bueno, otra vez, hemos llegado al fin de me carta semanal, Que todo vaya bien y que puedan fortalecer sus testimonios y sentir al amor de Dios aun mas fuerte en sus vidas.

Los amo,
-Elder Griffin


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