10 November

Well hello hello!
It´s great to hear from you all, as always….
This week was good, mixed with the good, the bad, the ugly… a little bit of everything haha…
The begining of the week started of really well. On monday, we had a normal work day because we went to the temple on wednesday. But anyway, we worked with the ward mission leader all day, he helped us look for people and showed us a round a little bit. We then had to go to a cita with a kid named Guido. He is a part member family and a few months ago, was at the point to be baptised but recivied some negative responses from his family and decided not to be baptised. So on Monday we went to talk to him and we talked for a little bit about baptism and then we invited him to be baptised, he said he would if we can help him feel more ready. But as we were talking to him, sombody knocked on the door. So i guess a Jehovas witness saw us go into his house, because he came alone, they never leave the pack… and he spent the next 20 minutes just shoving a bunch of their doctrine at our poor investigator. But the funniest thing, he was intentionally speaking very loudly so that we could hear him because he was talking about all of the things that we believe that they believe on the contrary, such as if los muertos (can´t think of that one) exist after death…. Guido came back in laughing about what had happened, he obviously had a few questions for us, but it didn´t efect him at all haha.
We also met an old investigator named Maribel. Her dad is actually a bishop in some other ward haha. She also at one point had a baptisimal date but for some reason she just didn´t feel ready, but we are now working with her and her 20 year old daughter. We chanllenged her to baptism on tuesday, but she didn´t come to church so her date fell through. But we did talk to her in the afternoon yesterday and had a pretty good lesson about baptism, more about little kids. Her daughter has a son that is 1, and she was asking a lot about baptism for babies, so we whipped out moroni 8 and helped her understand that it isn´t necesary for babies to be baptised because they are pure, she seemed to accept that pretty well. We have another lesson with them this week so i´m pretty excited to go and teach them again.
Wednesday we went to the temple, which is always great, it´s a fantastic way to spend pday….
After wednesday, we hit a wall…. and not just us, but everybody in the district…. I think in three days, i had about 15 lessons fall through. And everybody in the district said the same. It was a little stressful because the week started out so strong but kind of fell throughat the end. But this kind of thing always happens in the mission, and i know that there is somehing to learn, i´m just gonna keep working hard because i can´t do anything else!

DAD- i Love that that happened to Utah, now i can enjoy the rest of this day very peacfully haha…. but that does stink about real, It would have been nice to see them do well. And is Milsap still shooting for the jazz,or is it a team that i don´t even know?
MOM- That´s sad about sister Chantry, she had been in poor health for a long while. And i´m glad you could go to the temple, it´s such a blessing to have one so close! And yes my apartment has a bathroom, it´s a mission rule that they have to have them… but i don´t think there is a single house here that has heat, but you don´t need it, i think i have slept with a blanket maybe 2 months of my whole mission…. as far as the pants, black would be great… and i thought also if you could get shoe inserts for my hush puppies that would be great, i don´t really remember what size they are…. For my comp… maybe just a few cool missionary things, obviously in spanish….
ANDY- Those pumpkins are pretty cool, what is the first one from? i got mars attacks…. and hey, visits from a few chicks…. that´s pretty cool….

Pues me tengo que ir, que vayan bien en su semana.

Los amo,
-Elder Griffin


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