8 September

Well hello hello!
I´m glad to hear that things are going good and that everybody is doing fine!
Things here are going very well, i finally feel like we are making some progress here! We are finding new people and having really great expiriences everyday! We have had a couple of dificult weeks, but something has just clicked this week were we have had a bunch of lesson and the area really seems to be booming! I am a little nervous because transfers are tomorrow. I don´t think that i will get transfered yet, but there is still that fear, i´ve been here for three transfers already but i would like to stay to see a couple of these people through to the end, i would also like to finish training my “Son”. But whatever happens happens!
So we have had some pretty good contact with William this week. We met up with him twice, and the first time we were finally able to talk with him and with his family! It was great! I really feel like in that lesson we built some pretty good confidence with his daughters. And then yesterday, he wasn´t able to come to church because he had to visit his son who is in like a young adult prison thing… which is way sad… but he told us that he wanted us to come by his house at like 6 at night. Well during church, he sent us a message that said he wasn´t going to be home at 6 and that we should come by at another time… we were very disappointed…. But later, we had set a lesson with our old elders quorom president to visit with him for a minute, and he wasn´t there… he happens to live on the same street as william. so we decided to go visit a diferent investigator, but as we walked by williams house, he ran out (it was like 7) and invited us in. We chated with him for a while and shared a scripture with him. But the coolest part was that as we were talking about spiritual stuff, his daughter and niece started banging on the front door to come in. We told him that he could open the door if he wanted and he said “no they can wait, please continue” it was so awesome! After the scripture, he let his daughter in and invited them to pray with us! it was way cool! I really feel like he is progressing well and knows that this church is true, he always tells his daughter to listen to us because “they are different then the other churches” he always says that to them it´s just really hard for him to assist because of work….
We also had a couple of really cool expiriences with sharing our testimonys with people. The first one, we were talking with the husband of a member who doesn´t believe in God. And we started teaching a really cool lesson about the Savior. But at the end, he just started talking about how Jesus was just some normal guy that wanted to overthrow the goverment… that honestly made me a little frustrated… and then the spirit told me to just bear my testimony about the Savior. I don´t think i have ever born a stronger testimony in my life. He then just sat there quietly, and even the little baby that was crying quieted down…. it was pretty cool, i feel like it really helped me as well, you never really know your testimony until you share it, and know i know better my own testimony of the Savior. a couple of days later, we were in a lesson with a member, and teaching about the restauration to an investigator named José. To speak shortly,
Elder Hurtado was having some dificulties with the language, unitl it came time to bear testimony, he then bore a very strong testimony about the book of Mormon that brought the spirit so strong, and his spanish was pretty much fluent in that moment, it is so amazing what the spirit can do….
So i did go on a work exchange this past week with our district leader Elder Navarro. He came to my sector. We worked well together and had success. But that night, we had ward cousel… the ward counsels in this ward have always been a big struggle, they either talk about things they shouldn´t, don´t really help us that much, and we have to be there for every minute even if we are late to our room (orders of the mission president) So we usually get back to our house at like 10… which makes us late for bed…. And this week, it was the same story, and for the first time on my mission, i had the courage and the impression from the spirit to say something. So while they were literaly arguing about the lunch schedule for the missionarys, i just said “Hey, this is not the meeting to discuss the lunch schedule, we have been trained, all of us, that we should only talk about people in these meetings” After that, Elder Navarro backed me up and said some things to them as well, the bishop then asked forgivness and said that they would do better. To help them with that, we are also inviting President Borg to visit our next meeting….

sorry once again i am out of time….
until next week,
LOs amo
-Elder Griffin


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