4 August

Well Howdy!!!
Sounds like everything is going pretty well back in good old north ogden (maybe not so old anymore….) It´s great to hear from ya´ll!
Ok so i guess i´ll start with what you are all wanting to hear, my new companion is named Elder Hurtado (in spanish it means elder stolen haha). But… he is from Provo… and didn´t speak spanish before his mission… so yes… i am training a gringo haha. Before two transfers ago, we only saw companionships of americans in the ZL and the AP. But there are so man coming in, that some of us are training americans, there aren´t many but there isno other choice. I won´t lie, i was very nervous my first couple of days and i really didn´t know if i was ready for this, but i really love it! It´s way hard but it was awesome at the same time! My companion is really great and a hard worker, i´m excited to work with him!
So we do have a new like group of investigators that are all really awesome. The first guy we met is named William. He is kinda a really cool story. I had to go to a training meeting like two weeks ago about how to train. And while i was there, one of my friends from nicaragua, asked me if i new where an address was, that he just got in the taxi to the officies like 10 minutes before. The address happenes to be in my area! He is really cool, but he has had some hard times in his life…. his wife died from cancer about 5 years ago… and he now is raising 5 children alone… so that´s really sad, so he really like when we talk about the family and that it can be forever. Outside of him, when we went the first time to talk to him, his brother came down, who then told us that he is a member less active and we then set up an appointment with him the next day, his name is Jesus. So the next day, we went to his house, and William came with us to talk too! We were reading the intro to the BOM and then his friend and 23 year old son walked in and sat down and talked to us too! Their names are Oscar and Jean Paul, we now have a lesson with all four of them this wednesday! I´m super excited to work with them cuz they are all really cool!
So for p day today, we went back to the beach that we have been to a million times… but this time we rented bikes and that made it one of my favorite p days ever! So the classic thing to do is bike for like 5 miles to this gigantic statue of Jesus (which explains the title haha) It was really awesome. I can´t say that the bike was really that right size or as fantastic as my ole girl back home… but it was pretty great… i´ll get pictures to ya soon!

DAD- I´m glad that all went well with your ticket… i guess it really does pay to have friends in high places haha. And that´s great about real, i´ll have to brag to one of the missionarys from colorado haha. I can´t believe football is already starting again… i really hope Byu does good. who do they pla this year? That is a little rough about Pathy… i guess she just fell out of the right loving hands…. she was always the best girlfriend ever (and my bike haha) What new buildings are going up?
MOM- Yeah Vilma is doing great, and they only have to wait a year to do their sealings, but they can go right away to do baptisms! It is pretty fun to be a trainer, i think i am learning more then he is haha. And when does the temple open up for good? It seams like they built it pretty quick…. And which michele are you taking with you? And i though eric was going to translate? sounds like you have fun at the reunion, even if you had to represent our side!

Entonces eso todo!
los amo!
-Elder Griffin


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