25 August

Well hello hello!
I´m glad to hear that everything is going good back home, earthquakes and all! To be honest, this is the first word that i am have heard about it.
Things here have been well… going…. I think in total this week, we schedualed like 30 citas… we had 5 to 7 citas everyday… even on pday!! But we were only able to meet up with like half of them…. So we still talked with quite a few people but it just wasn´t what we were hoping for…. But oh well, the mission was never supposed to be an easy thing!
Gladys is doing good… we had a couple of really solid lessons with her this week where we invited a couple of members to come with us. The spirit was really stron when we taught the plan of salvation and everything, she then promised us that all of her family would be in church that Sunday. We also learned that they aren´t married… surprise surprise… But the did also give us some good news, that the dad Santos, is really wanting to get married. They haven´t been taught the law of chastity yet, but it´s really amazing that they already have the desire to get married. We don´t talk to her husband much but we feel like he is the most excited of all of them! The bad part is, she didn´t come to church, which means her baptism date fell through, but honestly, it might be a little blessing, because now we can be more sure that she is ready to make this covenant with God.
Well we had a pretty good lesson with William this week. He was late so we couldn´t teach him the orginal plan of the plan of salvation, but we saw that he a computer, so we showed him that new Mormon message called ¨Because of Him¨ all of you should go and watch it haha. It´s a really awesome video about Christ and we used it to talk about the atonement and that thanks to the atonement we can live with our families forever, it was super spiritual. We then invited him to be baptised, he said no because he would rather do it is a family, he then asked if his family could be there in our next lesson and if he could bring them to church with him! I never have had that happen! We were so happy and felt so good, but then on Sunday, we called him in the morning to see if he would be able to go and he told us no. I then asked him something like, ¨you won´t be able to go for even 1 hour?¨. He then told me that it shouldn´t be an obligation to go or to be baptised, and he sounded a little upset with us and i honestly don´t know why… so before i ended to phone call i asked him if we could still come over this Wednesday and he told me that i would need to call him to see first… so i´m a little worried about him.
But we did meet a new person this week, and we are very excited to work with her, her name is Carmen. She is the mother of a less active. We went to their house to look for her son, but he wasn´t there, we then started talking to her about just things, and found our way to the subject of prayer, she then let us into her house to say a quick prayer, and we ended up talking to her for like 20 minutes, it was really aweosme and a really spiritual expirience. We are going to teach her again on Friday, so i´m pretty excited about that haha.
Oh and remember how i told you that last week my comp got hit pretty hard with some sickness… it was my turn today… i woke up at like 5 and just started throwing up… so now i can say that i have thrown up on two different continents. So for today, instead of playing soccer with another zone, we are just gonna hang around our house.

DAD- Wow, i doubt i´ll recognize the house when i get back…. Is it even going to be the same house? And cable? you need to be sure that it comes with BBC… you know… for top gear purposes…. Your all just a different family…. And i´m glad Weber won, it´s great that the program is doing good, are they still 5A? And yes, we won´t be eating burgers for quite a while i don´t think haha….
MOM- First things first, i forgot to tell you that my new card did make it here safe and sound, is it already to use? And i guess HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! how many years is that? I can´t believe shane is back already, that seems so fast! Brandon and Derek have just gone over the year mark…. It goes by so fast…. And your letters today were the first news i´ve heard about the earthquake. The weather here is good, augost is supposed to be the coldest month, but it isn´t really that cold haha, but it has started to heat up these last couple days too…. And things with Elder Hurtado are doing great.
ANDY- It is a bit of a rought situation, we really need to make sure to do what the spirit tells us and everything will work out! And i´m glad everything went alright with the earthquake in your part of cali. Well after the office you can always watch Top Gear!!!
ERIC- Sí, siempre es mejor a tener un montón de citas, la semana siempre es mejor así. Y ya esta entrando universidad otra vez? Tan rápido? JAJA y como te vas con las nuevas chicas? Bueno, que clases estas tomando? Y su reunión de misioneros perece muy divertido, espero que yo pueda hacerlos también! Todavía estas trabajando con Botts?

Eso es todo… cuídense. Los amo y oro para ustedes todos los días.
-Elder Griffin

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