22 September

Well hello hello everybody!!
I am very happy to hear that everything is going well and have survived with all of your crazy expiriences.
Things here have been going pretty good, this week was a very productive week but in ways very unexpected haha.
First off, the other day we had some free time because a lesson fell through, o we decided to go look for some old investigators from the area book. We went looking for a lady named eva (yes like wall-e), We knocked on her door and everything and we were just waiting like normal, but she came out!! It was really cool because we then talked with her on the street for like 20 minutes! She told us alot about her beliefs and about the missionarys that first made contact with her. It was really cool because the spirit really guided us in the lesson. She then told us that she wanted to come to some activities and it was just awesome haha.
Also, we were able to talk to Paty again the other day, with a member, which made it all the better. We really did not have much of a plan (expect for what we did in weekly planning obviously) but it was a really powerful lesson. All three of us (yes even the member) were guided completly by the spirit, we just talked and had a lot of really inspired questions that brought the spirit. it was really cool because i would have a question in mind but before i could ask it my companion or the member would. I really love when the spirit takes over like that, it just makes the lessons so much better and flow way more!
I also had a really awesome expirience with the scriptures the other day. I finished the Book of Mormon a while ago and have been working my way through the new testament. But for the last couple of weeks i have been having a lot of impressions to start reading the book of mormon again. So i made the choice to start reading them both… the bible for a little bit of time but also the Book of Mormon. The first day that i started… i opened the book of Mormon and had such a strong feeling of the spirit. It was so powerful and really testified to me about how true, and powerful this scripture is. It really helped me to strengthen my testimony and really remember how important the book of mormon is. Do not get me wrong, i love the bible but i think the book of mormon will always have a really special place in my heart…. so that does bring me to another point… i while ago i challenged all of you to read the book of mormon before i reach a year in the mish… well i hope you are still going strong…. El día tristemente esta llegando….
Today for pday, as you can see in the photos, we went back to ride bikes to the statue. it rocked….
I do feel like the coolest thing that happened to us this week was Sunday…. We had planned to have like 6 investigators in the church… a lot of them it was a really crucial week for them to be there…. And when we got to the church… not a single investigator was there…. not one…. it was really hard because we have been working so hard…. So after the sacrament, we went to look for a less active that told she was going to be there… when we got to her house… she just was not there either… so that was rough…. we walked back to the church but then a member yelled to us to get in his car and that we were going to find one of our investigators. Her name is Meri. I am not going to lie… i was a little down hearted because she doesnt have a good reputation with following through…. but when we got to her house, she was there… and she came to church! and not alone either, but she brought her husband and 3 kids!!!! it was amazing to see how applying even a little bit of faith brings miracles… and it is even a bigger miracle because like a month and a half ago she told us that she doesnt want to visit with us anymore. But two weeks ago she contacted a member and told them that she wanted to talk more with us. We had a lesson with her thursday and then they all came to church on sunday!!! it was awesome because we have never met her family before, only her… and they were all in chruch… that is a huge testiment of the chruch to me…. it was just a great feeling haha….
Oh and one final note…. there is some big voting thing where all of lima has to go and vote the sunday of general conference… so they are rebroadcasting it here the week after… so you cant tell me anything!!!!

DAD- Well im glad to hear that the whole cable thing has been fixed, youll have to find the channel that has topgear on it… and if there isnt one… whats the point in cable…. Thats great about BYU too, im glad theyre doing well…. and is Van Noi still playing this year or is he in the NFL.
MOM- Thats pretty awesome about the temple… id like to see the celebration it sounds awesome!!! Who dedicated the temple or rededicated? Have you talked to michele more about the church or what she thought about the temple? I figured she was going out soon… i havent heard anything from her for a while… i would like to know where she is going though…..
ANDY- Im glad everything went good with the ragnar… it actually sounds pretty cool… do you think youll do it again? And i guess i shouldnt be to surprised that you already have your phone haha….
ERIC- Perece que vayas bien con esta chica… ¿Estas saliendo mucho con ella? y donde esta su cabina?

Creo que este es todo… los amo mucho
-Elder Griffin




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