18 August

Hey everybody!
Glad to hear that things are going good, bats and all!
Things here are gong pretty good… we are still going through a little bit of a slump…. once againg we didn´t have any investigators at church… so that was a little bit rough. I get i little frustrated because we worked so hard with everybody this week… we visted a ton of people saturday night and sunday morning, but not a single person came, including less actives…. but that´s not really important, i just have to make sure that i am doing everything that we can, we can´t do everything for them, they have to put their part in, and if the actually want to know God, this is how they´ll show it!
We do have a new investigator with a baptisimal date. Her name is Gladys, and her date is for the 13 of september. We are a little nervous because we don´t really know if she understands what she is signing up for… and the other day we saw her go into a casino with a cigarette, but hey, with the spirit, we can help her change anything!!!
So last week, we went and got some hamburgers at night for dinner, which is a very normal thing to do. But we tried a new burger place that we had never tried before, well… my companion got really sick from the food… and was throwing up all of the next day… so i got a little taste of what it is like to clean up somebody elses throw up… so mom, thanks for all of your loving work for all of our lives haha. But he is all good now….
I guess the last thing to write is that even though these weeks have been a little rough, i am really looking forward to this week, we already have 19 lessons set for this week and i feel like we are finally getting to a point were we will get some good work done!

DAD- i hope everything goes better with the Jetta, german cars are great, but are a pain to fix! And i think eventually i´d like to do that ogden bike tour, it would be fun i think! And that´s awesome about rimando, he´s gotta be the best keeper in the league! And that´s awesome about Plata, it made me laugh haha. We always seem to meet up with bats too… remember the cabin? Football is already starting up? How is weber and BYU supossed to be this year?
MOM- That´s great that michele had a good time at the temple, what kind of questions did she have? Does she want to know more? And do you know when Randy is going to go? I´m glad you finally weren´t alone at these reunions, they all need to represent! And i hope everything goes well this begining week of the school year!
ANDY- I´m glad work is picking up, and i think you should send a photo of your new frames haha. And i guess it´s good that you saw the TMNT video, it was just preparing you for your weird new friend.

los amo
-Elder Griffin


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