15 September

Well hello hello!
I´m glad to hear that everything is going good, from apple events to kayaks and biking!
Everything here is going pretty great! We had a really succesfull week, even if some lessons fell through, we were able to contact a bunch of people and are seeing some progress in a couple if different people. It´s nice to see the fruit come after a ton of work haha.
So firstly, we were finally able to talk to Gladys and her family again, and had a really good little lesson about the plan of salvacion and what she needs to do to be in the celestial kingdom, it was a really great lesson. We then challenged her to baptism again and she accepted to be baptised on the 29 of this month. But there was a big difference this time though… she came to church yesterday!!! so for on of the first times in like 7 weeks… we had investigators in church! Gladys was there, her husband Santos, and and investigator named luis. It was really great to have people there yesterday, especially because it was an investigator that we had been working for such a long time to help. Gladys and Santos were only there for an hour, but she told us that next week she wants to stay for the full three hours… but i´m just happy she was there at all!
The other investigator that we had in church was a kid named Luis. He is 11 years old and we met him one pday here… in the internet cafe haha. He is a really happy little kid and he says that he feels really good with us. Anyway we have had a couple of different lessons with him these last couple of weeks and he came to church yesterday! he was a little uncomfortable in the primary because he doesn´t really know anybody there, but little by little it´ll get better. The biggest problem that we have with him, is that he can´t really progress untill we start teaching his mom too, in this mission they don´t let the younger kids get baptised unless somebody else in their house is a member…. the mom knows that we are talking with him, but she just doesn´t want to talk with us just yet, but we really need to get that moving because it´s really important.
So we also had a lesson with Wiliam and his two daughters this week. It was really aweosme, we were finally able to teach the plan of salvation with them and it was really cool. Wiliam was trying so hard to help his daughters be excited to listen and pray and stuff…. the lesson went really well. We then invited the girls to go mutual and set up for somebody to pick them up… and they went! I really love it when the ward helps out like that, it makes it way easier to help people progress. They were not able to go to church on sunday however, the mother of one of wiliam´s friends died so he had to go and help him out…. He must be a powerful child of God because satan is doing whatever he can to keep him from going to church… it´s getting a little annoying….
My companion had to go to the migration offices this week…. it´s something that everybody has to go through…. but the offices wanted to send him and some other new missionary by themselves so that me and his companion could stay back and work in the areas…. it turned out to be a good idea because they left at like 10 in the mornign and didn´t get back till about 8…. It was pretty rough… luckily i was with an elder in my zone named Elder Martinez, he is from nicaragua and is a really good missionary and i enjoyed being able to work with him. And luckily our areas share a border so we were able to take care of both of our areas pretty well.
Oh yeah… i didn´t get transferred…. or my comp… we are both still here…..

MOM- I´m glad to hear that you got to all those fun things…. even though those football games are more of a scene for the youngens haha. But it sounds fun. And i can´t believe that Maren is taking off… it seames like everybody is going on a mission! which is aweome! And tell Sister Schofield thanks, she is such a good lady!
ANDY- Well sounds like you had a pretty eventfull week… apple is doing some pretty crazy things… And that phone sounds huge… Good luck with Ragnar!
ERIC- Bueno, en lo menos puedes usar su celular durante clase no?


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