11 August

Hello everybody!
I´m glad to hear from you all and it´s good to know that everybody is safe and sound in the sunny states of utah and cali!
Things here are… well going… i don´t konw why but we had a little bit of a harder week this week…. We didn´t really get in contact with a lot of our investigators… i feel like they are hiding from us….
We weren´t able to talk much with william this week. Everytime we went to his house he had something come up… but we were able to talke alot to his friend oscar. And we had a lot of really solid lessons with him and even set a baptismal date! It was really awesome! He has been telling us that he really wants to change his life and be a better father for his children. But his date already fell because he didn´t come to church yesterday… after sacrament we left and went over to his house to talk to him and he was playing soccer!! i was a little frustrated because he is an awesome guy and i really feel like he needs the gospel to change his life… but what can you do… we´ll just have to reset a date and work with him really hard so that he knows what he has to do to change his life….
Last week we also came in contact with a family of Christians…. the first lesson we had with them was really solid… before we got in their house, they were a little shut down to us, but we just started talking to them and they soon lightened up and invited us in to talk a little. From there we had a really awesome talk about the bible and they even asked us to help them clarify the some of the harder things to understand in the bible (such as the parabole of the 7 brothers who marry the same woman (which luckily Pres Borg explained to me like a month ago)). We were really excited to come back and talk to them, so we set another appointment and gave them a pamphlet of the restauration to read…. fast forward to Sunday, the day of the apointment…. We went to their house and they let us in with a smile on their face and then just started going through the pamphlet and telling us all of the doctrine that was wrong with it…. even with a lot of scriptures that showed our views they wouldn´t really consider it…. they didn´t even really let us explain our views very much…. I got a little tired of the knowledge contest cuz that´s not what i´m here to do…. so i just told them ¨look, the only way that you are going to know that what we are saying is true, is to read the Book of Mormon and ask God if it´s true, because if it´s true, everything we are saying, and everything that we believe is true¨ They then proceded to talk about how we don´t need another Bible and things like that… so i repeated what i had said, we bore our testimonies, which brought the spirit very strongly, said a prayer and we left… so i really don´t know what to think about them, i think we´ll give them a little time to read and pray.
Well that about does it for the week… wasn´t a very productive week but oh well…. we´ll just work harder this week…..

MOM- Yeah me and my companion are still doing awesome, i really love trainging, it´s way fun and a huge chanllenge. Carston is already married? I guess he didn´t waste to much time then…. and when is McCall due to have her baby? man the family is growing!!! And that Sunday dinner sounds amazing!!! That´s aweomse that you are taking Michele, be sure to tell me how that goes!! And i can´t believe school is already starting again, that seemed to go by really fast… is anyone else going to Peru from weber?
ANDY- Ha i had forgoten about your Ragnar, i hope your trainging starts to go a littl better haha. But that is pretty awesome, i´d like to do that when i get home haha. Did you get to talk to the pixar president one on one? And how is BYU suposed to be this year?
ERIC- ¡¡¡¡FELIZ CUMPLE!!!!! Eres viejo pues… ya tienes 22… que todo pase bien y que cumpla felizmente y tranquilamente también!

Pues, no hay mas a decir, cuídense y tengan el mejor semana de su vida!
Los amo
-Elder Griffin

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