1 September

Well hello hello!
This week has been pretty good. It was still a rough week and we still didn´t have any investigators at church, but we had some really cool expiriences that i will explain a little later.
We had a really good lesson with Wiliam the other day. Because things were a little shaky, we didn´t really know what to expect… but i guess we just had a bad comunication on the phone because he wasn´t really mad at all… He then promised us that he and his kids would be in the church this past sunday… but on sunday they had some problems in the family and weren´t able to make it… i get a little frustrated because when we talk with him, the spirit is so strong, and he really enjoys having us over and the gospel would really bless and help all of them, but for all of these random reasons, he just never can make it to church! But i still do have so much hope for him and just want to hlep him.
We also had a really cool expirience with a less active this week. Her name is Pati. And we have really been looking for her for like 3 months… like we always knock on her door and she just is never there. But the other day during planning, i got a little tired of planning to visit her and just never talking to her, but i just had the feeling that we should put her down this last time… and we actually ended up talking to her! And it was a super cool expirience! We just talked and joked around for a minute to help her open up a little bit and then she just started telling us about all of her life and about how she got into the church and then about how she fell away… it was a really awesome expirience and really helped me learn about how important it is to follow the promptings of the spirit.
The other really awesome thing that happened the week was on saturday. We had the oppurtunity to have a conference with Elder Suarez from the presidency of the 70 and Elder Grow from the first quorom. Elder Christoferson was supposed to come but he had to leave Lima early. But the talks they gave to us were really awesome! Especially from Elder Suarez. His talk was the answer to a lot of my prayers and very powerful espiritually… He talked a lot about what we should do to change areas and how we need to work as missionarys and always have our “lines in the water” (fishing). And after that talk, me and my companion went back and were talking about what we need to change and started applying it that very second and we just started meeting people! It was an amazing little miracle that we saw and has really helped me lift my spirits! So i think it was perfect that we couldn´t meet with Elder Chrisoferson (from the 12).

Sorry i would love to talk about your letters but the man is ushering us out of the internet so….
Los amo!
-Elder Griffin


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