28 July

Well hello hello!

      I´m glad to hear (as always) that everything is going well and that life continues to go on aun si es poco lento….. haha…..
      This week was….. probably one of the slowest weeks of my mission.  I can´t say that it was really hard and that i´m hurting spiritually, but these last 2 weeks we have just had a couple of random things come up that have really slowed us down or taken our time.  For example, the zone leaders needed help with a talent show so the asked us to help them in a skit.  That was fine and all so we all go prepared and ready.  They told us to meet at 5:30 in their church to practice one more time because the show started at 6… well the show didn´t start till 7:20… so we lost like 2 hours just waiting… and then the put us in the middle of the program… so by the time that we walked back to our house… we bought a hamburger, planned, and went to bed… that was a little frustrating but hey, they needed our help….
      But we did have a pretty awesome day on Friday.  The ward went to the temple that day and invited all of the recent converts and even a few investigators to go.  But we got permission to go to because Vilma wanted to go.  So 6 days after her baptism, she went the the temple! and we were able to go with her which was even cooler!  That´s the first time that i have been able to go to the temple with an investigator and i really hope that it isn´t the last!  It was a really awesome expirience to see her take such an important step so quickly!
      So the other news that i have has to do with transfers.  Due to something that i will reveale in a minute… we know thattomorrow (tranfers), Elder Marquez will be getting transferred.  We know this because… i had to go to the office to recieve training on how to be a trainer… so my new companion will be brand new… and i´m going to be a trainer….  I´m not gonna lie i´m a little nervous because this is a huge resposibility and i don´t really feel ready.  But if God wants me to train, the train i will!  the scariest part is that there are a ton on americans coming in… so there is a chance that i could be training an american.  It´s not normal in this mission for two americans to be companions, but there are so many coming that they haven´t had a choice and right now there are a couple companionships of americans… so there is about a 50 50 shot that i´ll be teaching an american…. that makes me pretty nervous….
DAD- If you keep changing the house, pretty soon your gonna have a brand new house, and i won´t recognize it haha!  That´s great that Real won, i´m actually sitting in the internet cafe wearing the shirt you sent me (thanks). And know i´m really missing Top Gear… thanks haha…. but it souds awesome!
MOM- You didn´t tell me that McCall and tiffany are pregant! They family is going to be twice as by the time i get back haha!  And that´s great that sister bates is going to have somebody with her.  It´s proably way better for her…. hey, you said that Grandma schofield sent me something? i still havn´t gotten anything from her, you should check how she sent it because fedex doesn´t pass customs…  And our cook is pretty good… she cooks the average peruvia meal.  A little less then others but she cooks really good… but i´m still living on the same rice, potatoes, and chicken…. and yes.. it´s just lunch…. and for pday, we are getting the house ready for tranfers and fun stuff like that… woo hooo…
ANDY- I actually have never tried that approach, but it sounds like it should do pretty good… i guess i´ll give it a try!  I don´t think that i could life in Cali… that´s just to hot!!! was the water at least semi cool?
Los amo
-Elder Griffin

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