14 July

Well hello hello!
I´m glad to hear from all of you… as usual… and i´m glad to hear that everything is going well!
Things here are going very well, this week has been pretty awesome! I´ll start off with Wednesday… Temple day! It´s always great to go to the temple, the spirit is always really strong and it´s a great oppurtunity to remeber the covenants that we have made. I did have a pretty cool expirience, yeah i felt the spirit a lot but the expirience that i had that was really cool, was one that i had after the session. In the morning before the temple, i had a thought that i was going to run into one of my teachers from the ccm, it was a really weird thought because there are a lot of people in Lima and a lot that go to the temple. But after the session, i ran into her. It was really awesome to talk to her and catch up on things cuz well, the teachers in the ccm do alot for us. But for me this revelation was really strange, i can´t say that i have had a revelation so exact in my life before. I have never have expirinced a revelation so clear as who and when i would meet… it was pretty cool… maybe it´s just me but it was awesome….
So my birthday was pretty good to… It´s just another work day for us, but we had a lot of invitations from members to visit them…. peruvians have the best memories in the world because a couple of them i only told once like 2 months ago haha. So of the member from my old ward even came to my new ward to wish me a happy birthday…. it was pretty cool…. One of the members here even gave me this really cool bag that has a llama on it… my comps jealous of it… and a family gave me a cake to… so yes… i was able to enjoy my birthday haha.
Sunday was a little scary for us… for one thing, it was the final for the cup and not even a lot of members came haha so it was impossible to get the investigators to come…. But the scariest part was that Bilma didn´t come, and at this point, needed one more assistance before her date which is saturday… so after the sacrament we ran to her house to see what was up. She told us that she thought the reunion was at 7 at night… so she quickly change and we ran back to the church just in time… so everything is all good… she is progressing and is all lined up to be baptised this saturday!!!

DAD- Haha, i had to tell my companion what you wrote about the cup because he is from argentina, sadly he has been taking a lot of heat about the cup these last two days haha. With RSL, was their line up all normal or were they still short a couple of the guys for the national team? And why is eric going to cali? just wants a little break? Oh and the usb that you sent me… only like 5 songs works… but what i found out today is that only five are saved under mp3, my question is, if i change the end title thing and file as a mp3, will it work?
MOM- Bishop Morris huh? Looks like he isn´t done haha. That´s so sad to hear about the two girls at weber… do they know why they took their lives? Was it for bullying in school or problem at home or what? sounds like your going to have a really fun girls camp too… The weather here has gotten colder… it´s been hitting, i´ve heard, 12 degrees celcious but it isn´t to bad to mee… but the peruvians don´t really like it…. Yes i got your package, thank you very much! but i havn´t gotten anything from grandma schofield….
ANDY- I´m not going to lie, it made me laugh to hear about your office watching… and thanks a lot for the pen and the notebook, they are really nice, i´m a little scared to use a notebook so nice, but i´ll find a way, and as long as you finish before october 9 your good!!

Los amo!
-Elder Griffin


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