7 July

NOTE: Sorry, this one got a little out of order.

ya pues,
me alegre a escuchar que toda esta yendo muy bien y que todos están muy feliz! It´s great to hear from you all!!!
This week wasn´t to bad… i feel like we are finally starting to get out of this slump that we have been in! It still wasn´t the best week but it defentently wasn´t the worst week either!
Bilma is doing great, we meet with her almost everyday! She is reading, praying, and coming to church so that is fantastic! Yesterday she even started inviting the members to be sure to go to her baptism haha. So the first lesson that we had with her was a real example of how excited she is to join the church. In church, she had heard that we live the law of tithing. So we asked her if she had questions and she said that she had a problem with tithing…. so we were both a little worried until she asked her question… she was only worried if her 10 percent is suficiente enough to give…. it was pretty great… i´m not gonna lie haha.
But with all of the other investigators, we really havn´t had the chance to talk to them…. salome, olinda everybody is hiding from us…. But despite that, we are still working hard to find people and teach.
So i did have a pretty amazing expirience on friday…. we had interviews with the President that day, which also means that we had a lot of different trainging from the assitents and from the sister trainer leaders. So after the interviews, we had the training with family history with the sisters and we were required to find 2 names to take to the temple (we are going on wednesday for pday so we are writing today and going to the temple wednesday). I was a little worried because our family history is very well taken care of a there has been a lot of work done there… but i was able to find three names!
¡Gracias a todos por sus felicitaciones para mi cumpleaños! No puedo creer que voy a cumplir 20 años… no siente como mi cumpleaños….

DAD- not gonna lie, i got a pretty good laugh that you stayed home from the parade to watch the cup…. But it sounds like after all of the sports you guys had a pretty good fourth… i hope you ate a burger in my name! So they did the big firework show at the Jr high? weird…. Because i´m in south america i wouldn´t mind to have Brasil take it… i´m not going for Argentina because my companion is from argentina so i have to fight him…. but i think it´s gonna be between holland and Germany…. i´ve heard that they are playing very well haha. And upper 90? that is pretty bad, especially if there are no good aircondioners….
MOM- That is pretty strange that Coach warren passed away… he always seemed pretty healthy and fit…. i guess it was just his time. Sounds like a pretty fun fourth i´ll just have to wait for Christmas to have my fireworks haha. That´s strange that we are getting a new bishopbric because we just got a new one here yesterday… but for the new bishop…. Dan Christensen or Rod Chambers…. So where are the Udells going to live now? So we are going to the temple on wednesday so that will be our pday… and how long will andy be there?
JESSySAM- Por fin escuché de ustedes! I´m glad to hear that all is going well with you guys… your kayaks sound fun! And sam, i think they have already picked you so you should just prepare yourself!
ERIC- como siento a cumplir 20 años? Viejo… pero en verdad, no me siente que estoy cumpliendo 20 años… solo me siente normal, como cualquier otro día…. Pero a buscar una nueva novia debe ser el mas divertido parte de su vida ahora! Tal vez es porque le gusta este primera chica a no quiere decir adiós!

Entonces tengo que irme… espero que todos vayan muy bien este semana. Recuerdan a leer el Libro de Mormon. Voy a verificar en su progreso el otro semana!

Con amor,
-Elder Griffin


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