30 June

Well hello hello!
Sounds like things there are gtoing pretty good. As always, i´m very glad to hear from all of you!
Things here are going good, still a bit slow due to the cup and all but we are still finding ways to work and stay busy most of the time!
Salome is still doing good, we haven´t had much contact with her this last week because she has family in the hospital that probably isn´t going to make it… so she has been over there all week…. but we hope to have more contact with her this week.
Olinda is doing pretty good too… but we have heard some rumors from varios diferent people about what she and her husband do for work that could really impede her progress…. I don´t really want to say what the rumors are, it´s nothing dangerous for us, but things that could make the repentance process slow down alot… so that has been kind of disheartening…. but we are going to continue to work with her and help her seek the help from God because there is no better way to find help!
So we did see a very amazing miracle this week! We went to this house to look for a guy that we met but he wasn´t there, but we met his mom whose name is Bilma (i think it´s wilma but my comp keeps telling me that it is with a B so…). Anyway, she couldn´t talk to us that day because she was really busy, but because we are missionaries, we invited her to chuch and she said she would go. Maybe it was a lack of faith on my part, but i didn´t really believe her much because a lot of people say that they will go and then just don´t…. So we went to church and she was already there! And she stayed for the whole meeting…. But during church i was with some less actives that came and helping them, and my companion was helping Bilma during the classes. After church, my comp told me that after the second hour, she asked my companion when she can be baptised! So we set a date and a cita and we are going to visit her tomorrow to help her know what she wants to do, and help her have a real tesitmony of the church. It was a real testimony builder to see that the Lord really does prepare people for us to teach and help them find God.
Today for pday, we went to play soccer again. But there is a pretty awesome turf field in Calloa that you can rent. So we usually get 2 zones together and rent it for 2 soles and 50 cents…. which is under an american doller…. It´s pretty awesome… this was the second time that we have done it… and i want to do it more often…. i also bought some new shoes to excersize… but i couldn´t go to the market because my feet are too big… so i did have to go to a retail store…. but i found some pretty sweet shoes there for like 30 american dolers that are pretty cool and more focused in soccer that everybody uses… so i´m pretty stocked haha…. thats about it haha.

DAD- Yeah i´ve kept up on who is winning… but that´s it… i don´t know who looks the best or how everybody is playing…. How good is Belgium? That´s pretty rough about RSL. Are they just having a rough year? or is it more because of all the team is in Brasil? And the weather is pretty good… it´s gotten colder but it´s not bad… i still haven´t had to use my sweaters or jackets at all…. but all the peruvians are using big coats and hats and i´m still rolling in my short sleeve haha it´s pretty funny….
MOM- i guess the house is still livable… the don´t have the same rules about building structure here so they just had to fix the roof that collapsed and clean the walls and put on some new paint…. With all the new misionaries… the have to open up 15 new sectors in these next 2 transfers… so that´ll be intersting. And the part time family was given more time to look… And your new bike looks awesome! where are you going riding with the girls?
ANDY- That would be pretty cool to have your own work on apples website… i would love to see it but…. i can´t…. haha. So does your ward do a lot of activities like that? or are they usually a little smaller?

EVERYBODY- How is everybody doing on the BOM challange??!!

Pues.. no hay mas a decir… saben que los amo…. tengan una semana lleno de amor y éxitos…

los amo
-Elder Griffin


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