23 June

Well hello hello!
Glad to hear that you are all doing good! Sounds like an eventful well for everybody!
Things here are going pretty good, it was a little bit of a harder week for us but we had a lot or really awesome expiriences with investigators and members. And some really good service projects….
So the first newes is that we didn´t have a transfer, so i´m still with Elder Marquez… so that means that i now have a companion for more then one transfer. I was with Madariaga for 2 transfers, Rodriguez and Aguero for 1 each and now i´ll be with Elder Marquez for 2, but he´ll leave this next transfer for sure. We had a lot come in this transfer, and these next two transfers are going to be huge. President told us that we´ll be close to 250 missionaries in these next transfers, there were only 180 when i came into the field.
So we had a pretty awesome lesson with Salome this week. She progresses really well because she actually reads and does the things we tell her (beside going to church). The last lesson we had, we left her a pamphlet of the law of chastity. She read it, understood, and talked with her boyfriend about getting married because she doesn´t want to sin anymore… it was pretty awesome! I really think that if she can just get married and come to church, she´ll get baptised and go to the temple.
With Olinda, we weren´t able to have like a real lesson with her, but we did another service for her with installing stairs in her house. She then came to an activity by the primary with her son and loved it! Now she and her son are really excited to learn more and assist, but they couldn´t come this week to church either. But i really do have high hopes for them, she really likes to read so that should help.
The other interesting thing that happend this week… a house burned pretty badly in our ward. It was the house of the sister of one of the members… So we have been doing a lot of service to help them fix their house up and make it livable again. We brought about half the zone to help and they were really grateful, it´s always nice to do a little service!
The other thing that i think i´ll mention this week is about a part member family that we are working with. They are from a really far away part of Peru ang they don´t rerally have a lot of money or anything for that metter. Anyway, their contract for their rented house expiried on sunday and they don´t know anybody here. So we talked with the ward in ward concil to try and get some help for them…. but the ward didn´t do anything… and this isn´t like just a husband and wife… the wife is pregnant so she can´t travel… and they have 6 small children…. the were blessed to get one more week to find a place to live but have no idea what to do… it made me really frustrated with the ward and i think i might have to get a little stern with them in the next ward consel… i just don´t know what to do to get this ward into action!
And for p day… we went to the beach again… and played soccer… the team of gringos actually won… by alot… it was a very prideful moment for us….

DAD- Yeah it´s alittle rough to work during the cup but it´s fun too. For example, they have this really awesome sticker album of all of the players in all the teams… i´ve working really hard to fill it in my free time. How is RSL doing now that a lot of our team is in south america? Who all from the team is playing for the national team?
MOM- Sounds like you had a pretty good youth conference. And that´s awesome that you got to see John Bytheway. So was this like a preorganized package deal like the one at utah state? or was it the fruit of your labors? and yes… the laundry bag is about to die… along with my tennis shoes, but there are alot of markets here where i should be able to buy some shoes pretty cheap. And i have a cook and a laundry lady. The part of peru that i am in is called San martin de porres, but my zone is condevilla and ward German Aguirre….
ANDY- It´s gotta be hard to ajust to a new job, but i know you´ll learn alot from the challenge! And i bet your pretty happy about how well holand is doing. So i didn´t know that you are teaching family history… i think that is a pretty hard calling in all the wards.
ERIC- Entonces alguien me informó que su novia se fue a la misión… se que puede continuar sin mucho tristeza….jaja

Entonces eso es todo y tengo que irme… ¡hasta el próximo semana!
los amo
Elder Griffin


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