21 July

Well howdy howdy!
Glad to hear that things are going good back in good ole utah! As always it´s great to hear from all of you!
Things here are going pretty good, we´re still not having much luck contacting our investigators, so we´ve made the desicion that we should probably give some of them their space and start looking for more people to teach… it´s always hard to leave people, especially when some of them are amazing people, but we also can´t keep spending so much time looking for them when they don´t want to listen… it´s really sad….
But the brightest ray of sunlight that we saw this week easily was Vilma´s baptism. It was pretty awesome. It started off really awesome with a talk from a new convert (who we always joke will be the next prophet because he is so awesome). It really brought the spirit and was perfect for the baptism, he talked about how baptism has changed his life… it was pretty awesome! After that, i had the great blessing to bapitse Vilma. she was so happy! The pictures we took before and after the baptism are so different! after the baptism she looks way happier, and there is just something different about her! It´s always awesome to participate in helping someone come to Christ.
If that´s not enough, she is already way willing spread the gospel. All of the new people we have are either her family (who are also really awesome and investigators that are aweosme to teach) who she talked to and now like talking to us, or references that she gave us before she was baptised! It´s really amazing to see the gospel change people and their whole lives! She is going to be a really strong member and will always be there to help the missionaries. The church is true!
I think i´ll keep it there because i can´t top it!

DAD- I´m glad you think i look skinny because i feel like i´m putting some weight back on…. i´ve kinda lost my exersize habits…. And don´t fool yourself… my comp is just really short… all the people here are just short on average…. (and vamos means we go….)
MOM- I guess the new bishopbric is just looking to change absolutly everything! And sounds like you had a very succesful camp. I don´t really remember if i know white pine lake… where is it? I hope that the water wasn´t to cold when you went for your involuntarie swim! And it would be nice to hear how they are doing… i haven´t heard anything from lindsey or jordan, and haven´t heard from shane since the CCM…. And natalie is already pregnant…. that was pretty quick!

Entonces creo que este es todo! los amo y los quiero! Dios los ama y yo también!
-Elder Griffin


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