9 June

Hello everybody!!

      Sounds like things over there are going great and everybody is doing just about normal!
      Everything here is giong good… we are still suffering a little bit to get the investigators to come to church.  We had one come yesterday… but it´s a litle weird because we don´t even know him!  His name is Luis.  His aunt is a member, and he just moved here from truillo.  He seems pretty good and i feel like we´ll be able to help him progress.  He even came to an fireside for the YSA last night, it was a boring fireside, but he was there haha.
      As far as the other investigators go…. Roberto has kinda started to avoid us…. we have a cita with him tomorrow… so we´ll have to see how that goes…. I am starting to get a little short on my patience with him…  He tells us that he wants to know the truth, but he just doesn´t want to do the things necisarry to know, like reading and coming to church.
      Petronila is still awesome and is still way interested… but her health got worse then it was (which was pretty bad) and she is now in the hospital and we haven´t really had contact with her for about a week…. so that is a little discouraging because she was progressing and really loves to read the BOM.  But all we can do is have faith that her health will improve and tha she will have the oppurtunity to get baptized and accept the gospel!
      We are also working with this new invetigator named Liz.  She is about 30-35 years old.  she has like 5 kids with 3 different people… so that´s a little hard… i´m pretty sure she is married to her current dude right now so that´s good.  She seems interested the problem is that we just haven´t had much contact with her, but we do have a cita with her a little later in the week.
DAD- Sorry that your boss is going crazy… maybe he´ll go crazy and leave you the whole buisness?… i don´t really think that you´d like that haha.  That´s rough about RSL, but at least we are suffering because our team is so good that they need us for national team duty.  Has the states played their first game yet?
MOM- That´s pretty great about Maren, I got an email from jaylyn today saying that a lot of the people from that old group are going on missions or getting married already… it´s a little weird haha.  i´m a sad to hear that sister schofield isn´t doing to great, she has a big heart for the missionaries,  I haven´t had the oppurtunity to write her… I don´t really know where the post office is… next week i´ll send an email to you for her…. and the eggs arrived jus find… some were a little broken but still delicious!  Haha, i always knew that you were an athlete Mom, i´m not surprised that you do so good in golf!  And things for the birthday… my old watch would be nice… my other watch stopped working so i´m kinda watchless right now… music too, i bought speakers last week so if you can just send music on a USB.  I have music of the Tab choir but only from General conference, so them with the orchestra would be nice… and maybe a seperate USB with Christmas music…. that´s all I can think of… food is always nice….
ANDY- 5 or 6 cavities!  ah su maquina! That´s awesome that your dentist is a member and is activily helping the YSA.  I am also glad to hear that you start your new job soon, but less happy about the one direction concert… but to each their own!
ERIC-  So why did jordans dad leave the bike at our house?  And your bike sounds really fun and huge!
Sorry gotta go!
-Elder Griffin

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