5 May

Hey Everybody!

      Sounds like everybody is doing just fine!
      Things here are going pretty good I guess…. It was a pretty slow week… i think that has to do a lot with transfers coming up, for some reason the week before transfers is a little slow….  Church was a little dissapointing yesterday too…. Jessica and Victor weren´t there…. which means if they are going to be baptised they have to come these next two weeks without exeption.  And Jose luis wasn´t there either…. it was a little dissapointing that the people who were progressing the most didn´t come…..
      The highlight of the week was one of our citas with the Familia GDV.  They are a family that we have been working with for a long time.  The only need to be taught a little more of lesson 5 an they will be reactivated.  I really love their family, the spirit is really strong in their house and it feels homely to me.  While we were there, we had the impression to teach about temples… so we did… and it was super spiritual…  We watched a mormon message, i don´t know if you have seen the one about the husband and wife who are both really sick, she is in a wheelchair, and he is caring for her but he has parkinsins…. anyway… this family really like videos… so that really helped the spirit.  I don´t know it was just awesome… and example of the pure love of Christ in the form most pure, love in the family…. it was pretty awesome…..
      So transfers are tomorrow… i´ll find out tonight if i have transfer.  So we set up a skype with a family and it will be at 5 oclock here in Peru, Mom told me that that should be 4 o clock in utah… sorry andy but i don´t know what time that is in Cali.  If i have a transfer i´ll have to find a way to get the word to you guys..  I do feel like i will get transfered however, i have been in the area for almost 6 months haha.  But we´ll see….
      Since i´ll see ya sunday… i think i´ll leave it about there for now….
MOM- I guess i never really looked at it from her point of view, I guess i´ll have to take that into consideration the next time that we are with them.  And that is way awesome about Sister Schofield i had no idea that they weren´t sealed….  And costa vida?  Wow that sounds pretty awesome!  How are things in the ward? with the young men and all that?
ANDY- I´m glad your changing jobs… i think it´ll be way good for you.  And sounds like things are going good in the ward too, i´m glad your doing your part to feed the missionaries haha.  And that is pretty awesome about your zion, i really like your definition and i think i´ll start to use that with the investigators haha.
ERIC- Jaja… solo trabajo? Que aburriendo…. tu cuenta con la chica me hace reír jaja. Pero esta bien, podría ser mucho peor jaja.  Me gusta tu moto también… en estés últimos días, he sido pensando mucho en motos y tengo un deseo bien fuerte a montarlos jaja.  Hay un montón de motos aqui pero todos son pequeños, el mas grande que he visto tiene un moto de 200 nada mas. ¿Cuan grande es su moto?
Entonces creo que este es todo.  Los amo y espero que estén leyendo.  Siempre recuerden  que puedan recibir el amor de Dios y los repuestas a los preguntas que tienen.  Si leemos, orar, y asistir la iglesia, Dios nos contestará.  Dios los ama bastante, y yo también.
Con amor,
-Elder Griffin

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