28 April

Well hello hello!

      So good to hear from all of you and sounds like everyone is doing great!
      I´m happy to report that this week was way better then the previous.  We are still clashing a little bit but we are getting better.  I really feel like we both just have too much pride haha but we are getting better none the less.
      One of the highlights of the week was friday because i was on work tranfers with one of our zone leaders Elder Castro.  The whole day was really fun. He gave me lots of advice and really helped me destress a little haha.  He is one of those really high energy types of people.  We had a pretty good time.  And while we were working, we had a cita with Jessica and Victor.  It was a pretty awesome lesson.  We taught it with the help of the leader of the high priests.  It was pretty awesome, we taught the first part of the Plan of Salvation and really focused on the reason for this life.  We then invited them to baptism and they both accepted!  They have a date to be baptised for the 24 of may!  And on top of that, they came to church for the fist time yesterday!  So that was awesome!!  We are now starting to see some progress in our area.
      The other awesomeness of the week was with a less active named Jose Luis. He was baptised with his wife and 2 children about 10 years ago.  But he had and accident in work that almost took his hand.  After that and a couple other things, he decided that God was forgettting him or that he didn´t exist.  We have been working pretty hard with him.  I personally have been a little annoyed with his wife because when we get a chance we ask her what she thinks her husband needs or how she sees his progress or what he needs or other questions like that, what gets on my nerves is that she always tells us that he isn´t progressing and that he isn´t going to come back to activity in the church.  There were a couple of times that i was really close to asking her if she has faith or not, but i decided that it was better not to…. Anyway… he came to church yesterday…. so that was like way awesome for all of us, he felt the spirit and even cried during the sacrament… so yes… he is progressing.  We have a cita with them tonight so we can get him on the path to be activated again.
      So with mothers day rapidly approaching (Next sunday i do believe) I still need to find a place to skype…. the problem is is that transfers are the tuesday before mothers day.  So we are going to set something up for this sector, and i´ll let you know that plan next monday, but if i get transferred i´ll have to find a way to contact you guys on like wednesday of next week….
     That´s about it this week… sorry it´s a little short….
DAD- I miss stormy weather… there is now rain here… it´s all just the same stinking sun… On the bright side, we´ve been at like 73 for 2 weeks now, so it´s not to hot anymore.  That stinks about REAL.  That seems to be a reoccuring problem with them…. every tim that they go up they get a little cocky and end up regretting it later… one of these days they´ll learn… especially Sabo… haha you know that i have never really liked him.  I´m glad work is picking up a bit too.  But i´m really excited to see some pictures of your safari, where do you´ll think you´ll go?
MOM- I´m glad to hear that you guys are at least improving in health haha. That´s awesome that you got to see the family, it´s been a long time since we´ve had a gathering with the Griffins (and will be a while longer until i have one haha.  That does sound a bit stressfull with the daughter and all that, i hope everything works out.  And Matt is already back?  It doesn´t seem like he left that long ago….  Does eric teach in English or Spanish haha.
ANDY- Sending your letter by the skin of your nose… i´ve got about  more minutes haha.  I´m glad that everything is going well with Apple and this oppurtunity for a new job, i hope it works out for ya.  It is a shame that you get a nice new shiney building and have to move out so soon haha.
Entonces, este es todo….  Quiero expresar cuan agradecido estoy que ustedes eran mi familia.  En verdad son mi mas grande motivación a continuar y trabajar duro.  Recuerden que Dios los ama.  
horita tengo que ir entonces…
los amo…
-Elder Griffin

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