26 May

Well hello hello!

      It´s great to hear from you all, more from Cali this week then Utah but hey, not important!
     Thing here have been going good.  We have been havnig trouble getting the investigators progress, but we still are having spiritual expiriences every week.
      One of the big ones this week, was we went to look for a guy that we contact 3 weeks ago but haven´t been able to visit since then.  His name is Harol.  He has been having lots of problems with his girlfriend and child.  And says that he is suffereing from all of the wrongs that he has done in his life.  When we were with him,  he even told us that he was thinking about taking his own life that very day, but told us that we had helped him calm down and relize that it isn´t worth it….  It was another huge testimony builder about how the Lord puts us in the places that we need to be and He will always help us be in the right places haha.
      Saturday, we had lunch with a family in the ward, and to make it a more missionary visit, we asked them if they had any references for us.  Without heisitating, they told us about a woman who lives across the street who has been having a hard time.  So we went right to her house to investigate.  She let us in and we ended up talking and teaching her for about an hour… it was great, she even invited us back Sunday.  So we went back Sunday and she has already started to read the book of mormon and says that she really like it.  Her name is Petronila.  We have another cita with her tuesday, I have great feeling that she is going to progress very rapidly and know that she needs this gospel, she knows it to!
      So we are still teaching Roberto, but he didn´t come to Church yesterday so tomorrow i kinda want to burn him about keeping commitments.  He told us that he has always been a little swingy with his desires and opinions so we´ll see….
DAD- Yeah i figured you were going to buy it haha.  But it has a miss fire?  That really doesn´t mean that the engine is bad, a miss fire can be caused by a ton of different things, with some luck, maybe you just need a new spark plug wire…
MOM- Yes the snake was a woman that is about 45 with a kid my age, so it´s a little weird haha, and no, the cita with them fell through.  It sounds like you guys had a great trip, I´m sorry that the rest of the family was to scarred to get in the water too…  I´m glad Ulu is just about out the door, i think he needs it haha. and that´s great that ben is preparing too.
ANDY- i bet you were happy to have the family there this week haha.  I really don´t know where you should be in the BOM, as long as you finish before October….
ERIC- Entonces esta trabajando como loco jaja.  Siempre he querido a ir ayá.  y… quien es Cassidy? Como la conocía?
pues tengo que irme, los amo!
-Elder Grififn

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