2 June

Well hello everybody!

      Sounds like everything is going pretty good back home and that everybody is doing great!
      Things here are going pretty good.  This week was a little bit harder of a week for us.  We had 2 investigators with a baptismal date (Roberto and Milagros), but nither of them came to church, which means their dates fell through because they have to have come to church 3 times before we can batise them. So their dates fell… how lovely.  Petronila is doing good, she loves listenging to us and loves to read the book of Mormon so that is awesome!  She can´t come to church however because she is pretty bad of health… so i don´t know what we are going to do to help her come to church….
      We have met some pretty good people this week however.  The other day we were trying to come up with something to do, and we had the idea to go visit Consuelo, one of the people that we met my first week here.  We didn´t find her but we talked to here grandson Jay and he is awesome!  He is a latin rapper so that should be pretty fun to work with.  We gave him a book of mormon and we have another cita with him on wednesday.  He is one of the people that i am most excited to teach because he has told us that he wants to follow Christ more and that he is trying to be a better person.  Just another testiment that the Lord puts us in the places that we need to be.
       Today for P-day we have a personal day… so i think we are going to go to the center of lima to shop around, our plan is to take a less active with severe depression with us to look at instruments… he thinks that i´m going to buy a bass, but i´m not haha.  The main idea is to get this kid out of his house, i think he really wants to go with us so yeah, but don´t worry, im not going to buy an instrument, and im not allowed either haha.
      Sorry… i´m really trying to think of more to say… but my brain just isn´t working right now….
DAD- I´m glad that you were able to fix the problem with the jetta, i´m happy that it was just the spark plug haha.  Your making me excited to drive it haha.  Now my question is, stick or auto? and what else matters as long as it has a stereo?  How often are going to the cages?  So i saw the line up for the world cup the other day (especailly because my comp is from argentina).  It looks like the states have a pretty rough first couple of games with Germany and Portugal.  but i have faith! And yes, that is way rough about RSL….  With the nissan, i won´t lie and say that i wouldn´t mind to have a car right when i get home, even just temporarily, but if you think you should sell it, i´m perfectly alright with that too!
MOM- Sounds like you had a pretty excellent visit to cali!  That´s a bummer that you missed all of the excitment, they have had bad luck with their trees this year…    I de feel like i´m getting to know the area, but it´s still hard and i get lost still, it´s a little scary because transfers are in 2 weeks… and i think my comp will leave…. The spanish is going good i guess… i still feel like i´ve got a very limited vocab, but i do feel way more comfortable with it.  I got your package on wednesday but haven´t got anything from sister Schofield.  Can you send me the recipe for pancakes and banana bread?  And i don´t think there is pancake mix here so….
ANDY- Sounds like you´ve got a pretty big week coming up!  Is this the conference were they are going to announce like, new iphones and ipads? or have they already announced those things?  You really got to keep me informed with the tech!
Entonces.. los siento que mi carta es tan corto hoy, no se porque no puedo recordar este semana.  Pero quiero decir antes yo irme que los amo y los quiero.  También los extraño, pero también estoy bien feliz a estar aquí en la misión.  Es verdad que sea difícil, pero se que estar haciendo lo bueno, y que estoy aquí para una razón. disculpe 
-Elder Griffin

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