19 May

Hello hello!

      Sounds like everything is going good and as always, it´s great to hear from you all.
      Things here are going pretty good.  Me and my companion are still doing great and working well together.  Everyday it seems like we find something else that we have in common and we have a lot of the same views about a lot of different things, it has really helped me to strengthen my testimony.
      We did have an interesting week, a lot of the people that we met the first little part of my time here have dropped of the face of the planet, but we have found some people who are progressing too.  So it was a slow good week haha.  We have a new investigator named Roberto.  He is 23 years old and says that he is searching to know God better.  The very first lesson we invited him to baptism and he said that if we can help him know God more then he will be baptized.
      We have also had a lot of neat little expiriences that have helped me to see the Love of God.  There have been many times that a cita falls through and we don´t know what to do, but we end up meeting somebody that needs to talk to us or somebody that we can help.  We have had quiet a few of these little blessing this week.
      I don´t really have a lot that i can remember right now so i think i´ll tell one story that i can remember right now haha.
      Saturday we were looking for something to do because we had a cita fall and no one was home.  So we went looking for an old investigator.  He wasn´t home either but his family was and somehow we got through the door.  We had a really long lesson with them because they are very active in the church evangelico.  So the whole lesson the were just looking for ways to poke holes in our Church.  I can´t say that they did so very succesfully.   But the whole lesson they were really closed and skeptical.  At the end of the lesson, because i have the only Latin that can sing, we sung a hymn just to try something else with them.  I have never seen somebody change so fast.  The opened up and asked to sing another hymn for them, they even recorded us haha.  It´s amazing how the Lord works through the little things to reach his children.  We now have another cita with them on Saturday so that should be good.  But… one of them did comment on my eyes so i´m hoping that i haven´t encountered a snake haha.
      Just one little baby comment, this week i realized why the bishop is familiar to me.  He is like a very serious jim carey, so he looks like him and his voice is similar, but he isn´t that funny haha.
      Oh by the way, how is everybody doing in the BOM reading challenge!!!????
      (sorry that was really short and disorganized, we went to the zoo and walked around for like 4 hours in the sun so i´m a little tired… so my english is suffereing and that would be why this letter is a little strange haha)
DAD- That´s awesome that RSL is winning haha.  But we are only losing three this year for national team stuff?  With the jetta, it´s a tough one.   Yes they are more expensive to fix, but a lot of the time they are a little more reliable anyway.  But i think if it looks good and runs good you shouldn´t be to nervous.  My one concern is that i don´t think kurt works on german cars haha.  And it sounds like you guys are going to have a really fun weekend.
MOM- Yeah that is pretty rough for uncle mel.  Do they know why she passed away?  So i have been graduated for a year now? holy cow time flys fast….  Has any of the young men in our ward gotten their mission calls, or are they still preparing? how is going to be the next to leave?
ANDY- Sounds like you had a pretty good week.  I´d like to see that fair thing haha but as far as ideas i don´t really have any haha.
ERIC- ¿Cuan grande es el moto en su nuevo moto cicle? porque todos aquí son bien pequeños….
Entonces tengo que irme
Los amo
-Elder Griffin

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