16 June

Well hello hello!

      Good to hear from all of you!  I´m glad to hear that you are doing well and living life haha!
      Things here are… well… going….  It was a little bit of a harder week for us…  I think these next couple of weeks might be a hard thanks to the world cup….  I don´t know why but we weren´t able to contact hardly any of our investigator this week.  Petronila is still in the hospital, Liz is never at her house, and perhaps one of the most exciting investigators that we have, Salome, fell down the stairs in her house and is pretty banged up…. So yeah… it was a pretty hard week…..
      At church yesterday we didn´t have any investigators come… so that was a bummer, but we also didn´t have any members… there were only like 80 people in church yesterday.  I think this weekend was so hard because of the cup, and because of fathers day.  The weekends are always hard because everybody is always drinking, but yesterday they had 2 more excuses to get drunk… so that was fun….
      But, we did meet a new investigator named Olinda the other day.  It´s a kinda funny story with her.  We were walking to a cita when we ran into a member.  We chated with him for  minute and asked him if we could help him in anyway.  So he sent us to his neighbors house to help with a very weird service project.  That guy needed help lifting like 30 chickens to the roof of his house.  He had three hen houses that we had to life up one story with rope….  when the member first told us that his friend need help lifting chickens to his roof, i thought i understood bad… but no… we literally lifted chickens up a roof….  But after we did all that, his wife came and tried to pay us so we explained that we are missionaries and can´t accept money… so she bought us an Inka and we set a cita with her.  So during the cita she told us that she started to read the pamphlet we left and that she had some problems with it, and normal that stresses me out… but with her, her maner to have doubts, is a way really… awesome… she is way open for us to explain things and help her understand… and she reads like crazy… so i´m pretty excited to keep teaching her!
DAD- HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!! sorry i couldn´t call haha.  Sounds like you guys had  fun weekend with jess and sam… i miss cars haha.  i have to admit that we are pretty well informed with the cup… and it´s impossible not to see a little bit of it… in every store, reseraunt and house they are watching…. as i sit here writing, there is a TV with the germany vs portugal… i´m so weak…..  So i found this store in my sector that makes whatever jersey you want.  And the guy told me it would be expensive to only make one jersey in place of like a bulk order…. he told me a very expensive 25 soles for whatever team…. It´s way cheap…. so today i´m going to order an RSL and a usa world cup…. i´m pretty stocked haha
MOM- so we aren´t doing anything for pday because tomorrow is pday because it´s transfers, which we still don´t know about….  That´s awesome that Ben got his call, do you know which mission, a kid left from my ward to brazil a couple of weeks ago…. this part of lima is called San Martin de Porres.  Sounds like you guys are going to be really busy this weekend haha.  Don´t worry that you couldn´t find my old watch, i should be able to find one pretty easy here… and if you haven´t sent the package yet, i had some revelation.  I could use a new laundry bag, and batteries for my camera, (they don´t really have many good batteries here, the best batteries are energizer lithium ion) and ties are always nice.  If it was sent… don´t worry about it :)
ANDY- Your letter today seemed better today, i´m glad you are finally in your new job.  And it sounds like you killed it with your talk, and the humor is a very important part haha.  And i don´t think a mission night is weird at all…. and yes, i´m very well informed with the cup haha!
Pues, no tengo tiempo mas….
Los amo!
-Elder Griffin

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