12 May

Well hello hello!

      It was so good to see you all yesterday!  It always gives me strength and inspiration to work hard!  However i can´t believe that i´ve hit 2 of 4 skypes already….  I can´t believe how fast this is all going….
      Anyway….  This week was pretty good.  We recieved a new plan from the area where they send us a list of 20 people to visit fromt the ward who are less active.  The also told us that if we don´t contact anyone in the house, we need to knock on the doors on the sides and in front.  So we were looking for one of the people on the list, and we couldn´t and nobody answered, so we started knocking on the other doors.  When we knocked on one door, a woman answered.  It turns out it was the same house that we were looking for, and the guy we were looking for had moved way far away already.  But we were able to start talking to her, her name is Consuelo.  While we were talking to her, her son came in and we had a really awesome vistit with both of them.  Hopefully we will be able to help them progress and see the truth of this church and feel the love that God has for us.
      The other spiritual expirience happend last night.  We had planned to visit a lot of the mothers in the ward and sing to them because both me and my companion like to sing and can do so at least half way successfully (I don´t know how i got put with a latino that knows music).  We did get shut down a little because he has been pretty sick and can´t really sing right now.  But the whole night, we just kept getting the impression to sing to somebody.  But every house we went to, they couldn´t recieve us.  As we were walking back to our room at nine, we got the impression to knock on the door of an old investigator,  She answered and we were able to sing to her…. the spirit was way strong… she even started crying, this really catholic woman just started crying in the street… it was Awesome!!!  I don´t know if we can help her progress, but in the least we have planted a seed that there is a real spirit in this church, and that it´s were we can feel the spirit with the most power in out lives.
      So first impressions of the ward, they seem pretty good, a little reserved but good.  My other note, is that the bishop loves to burn.  The entire Elders qorum was him just laying into the elders with scriptures and everything, and my comp told me that he does it all the time… so it should be a little interesting to see how this goes….
      So today for pday.  We went hiking, actual hiking in the mountains… sure it was weird because we had to drive for like 3 hours to get to the mountains, but it was nice to get out of the city and see some green.
DAD- That´s awesome about RSL.  Sounds like they´re killing it haha.  And i have always loves Javi haha.  I hope all goes well with the insurance and the search for a mini….
MOM- Sounds like you had a great mothers day, i hope you enjoyed it!  And it´s awesome that maren is going on a mission, be sure to let me know where she is going!
ANDY- I´m glad that you are safe and sound but you need to learn how to take advantage of these fancy apple trips haha…
Entonces no se que mas a escribir.  Fue bien bonita a verlos ayer a hablar un poco.  Yo quiero decirlos que yo se este iglesia es verdadero. Yo se que Dios nos ama.  Yo se que el Libro de Mormon es el mas correcto libro en este mundo, y que si nosotros hacer nuestros parte, podemos ver milagros y ver la mano de Dios en nuestros vidas porque Él siempre esta con nosotros.  Recuerden que yo los amo, y los amare para siempre
Elder Griffin  

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