21 April

Well hello hello!

      Sounds like everybody is healthy and fat on candy!  It´s good to hear from you all!
      Things here are… well this week was a pretty rough week too…. if we had a lot of citas fall through last week, we had way more fall through this week….  A lot of that had to do with the Semana Santa (holy week, since a lot of you asked about the traditions here for easter i will take a little time right now to explain them haha) Here in Peru, they have the whole week off from school and celebrate religiously from friday to sunday.  It´s really interesting to see.  In the morning on Friday, a big group catholics gathered literally outside our door, and started singing and preaching, it was really interesting haha.  then after that, everybody kinda celebrates in their own way.  Lots of people travel and spend time with their families, and lots of people use it as a reason not to talk to us because it is a holy week haha.  On sunday at like 11 in the night, i woke up to the catholics singing again haha it was interesting….  It is funny though… because in the church we just do easter and not the whole week, nobody in the church really celebrates easter here… Church was exactly the same… i guess that did help fight the cravings for cadbury eggs….
      Well Percy once again decided not to get baptised…. I am getting a little frustrated with him just because i don´t know what he needs to progress….
      Yesterday we had our first cita with a new investigator names Paolo.  He is pretty good and seems to be really interested.  And from what we have been able to see so far, he doesn´t like cigarettes or anything like that.  The problem that we have when we teach him, is that he has a friend that is a less active, and normally that wouldn´t bug me and in fact, would be awesome.  But his friend is really off, to put it nicely.  He doesn´t come to church anymore because he says that he is now muslim, and he says that he is muslim because in their religion, they are promised four virgins in the next life…. this is his focus in life…. to get girls… and he is kinda crude in how he talks about it…. one of the reasons that he started listening to the missionaries is because one was a blonde from the states… so it´s a little weird and hard to keep on subjuect with the spirit… hopefully with the next cita we can just talk to his friend… i hope that isn´t bad to say haha.  But anyway, Paolo is really awesome, he cut our cita short because he wanted to go and watch a movie about Christ on the television (during the semana santa they put a lot of movies about Christ on the TV)  So that´s awesome because it tells me that he really does want to learn and come to know Christ.
      Also, the familia GDV are pretty much reactivated… we have to teach about 2 more commandment, Lesson 3 and lesson 5 and they are ready!  The only one that hasn´t had his interview with the bishop is the brother of the mom (They live like this dad, mom, 17 year old brother of the mom, and their 2 year old daughter)  So i have great hope that by next Sunday they will be activated and strong in the church… i do get a little bugged having to teach these lessons to them…. i feel like we could teach them a lot faster because the dad before he went inactive was the second counsler in the bishopbric and all that, so they know the gospel, but my comp feels the need to teach them like a new investigator… but oh well… it´s just something that we have to work out…..
      With the comp… things are still a bit tense i guess you could say…. i think the biggest problem we have is that we are both a bit pridefull at times.  And that drives the spirit away and things just start to go downhill.  i think that´s one thing that i´m going to bring up in the next companionship inventory, that WE BOTH need to work on our humility.
DAD- The cemetery has been coming up quite a bit lately, i think i can smell all of the flowers that need to be planted haha.  I hope your work starts to pick up… that can´t be fun….  That´s awesome that real won sounds like they are doing good this year.  Do you think they´ll go to the championship again?  It´s sad what has happened to the Jazz, they used to be a pretty good team….  And yes… it has finally started to cool off…. now in the night i even sleep with a sheet… before i didn´t haha.  So for today we are working as normal… we have permission to write as normal, but on wednesday we are going to la parque de aguas, it´s just a park that has fountains… i´ve been before but the zone decided to go again haha.
MOM- That´s awesome that you went with the missionaries! every member a missionary right? that does bring up a question, do we have missionaries in our ward or just in the stake?  I don´t really remeber who Evan and Kaimee are….  Sounds like you guys had a fun couple days of parties, i don´t think that i knew heidi was pregnant haha….  So when does the docter say that you should be over the pneumonia?  That doesn´t sound fun at all!  So Woodbury, babcock, and jones are all leaving? I don´t think there are anymore that i know there haha and Jones is still new isn´t he?  I do have one question about my debit card, am i allowed to take money out of my account? or is that going to cause a lot of trouble?
ANDY- Sounds like you had a pretty eventful weekend.  How big is your ward and how much food did you have to get ready?  Haha how much longer do you think you´ll last until they find out that it was your haha.  Do they have cadbury eggs in Cali?  Whats the word on the different jobs that you have applied for?
ERIC-¿Entonces, donde esta este negocio de vender? ¿Has pensado en tomando un clase en la universidad de español? Va a ayudarte mucho….  Gracias por los comillas (hope that´s right) son muy buenas y me ayudaba mucho.  buenas suerte con su buscar de una novia jaja. mi mas grande desafió en la idioma es subjuntivo y vocabulario, pero ahora estoy escribiendo mi propio chicito diccionario y me ayuda mucho jaja
Entonces no tengo mucho tiempo… los amo y deseo el mejor para cada uno de ustedes.  Recuerden que Dios los ama siempre, y que el quiere a bendecirnos y va a ayudarnos con todos de nuestros desafíos y problemas. He estudiado mucho las historias de los guerras en el libro de Alma, y todos de los bendiciones que ellos recibieron, como los 2 mil guerreros, vinieron por medio de la fe de los personas y su confianza en Dios y, tal vez el mas importante, su obediencia a los mandamientos de Dios.
Los amo y hasta el próximo lunes
-Elder Griffin

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