14 April

Hey Everybody!

      As usual it´s really good to hear from all of you!  I hope everybody is feeling better and having a better week!
      As for things here… can´t say that it has been my favorite week on the mish haha…. I don´t know why but it was just a really hard week for us.  All the people that we have met and talked to and been working with are all just kinda falling away.  We had like 5 really strong people who were all really interested and we had different citas set up with them and all that.  But for whatever reason, almost every one of our citas fell through.
      We are working with Percy once more… and again he has a date for baptism for this saturday.  But he wasn´t able to stay for the whole meeting yesterday and we haven´t really been able to talk to him much.  so the first thing we are going to do tonight is go and talk to him.  I don´t know why but i feel a little nervous about him….  I hope that it´s not just my past expirince with him that is tinting my vision….
      We are still working with Jessica too.  It´s really weird that the investigator that lives in the same building is one of the hardest to contact.  She told us that she was going to come to church yesterday with her son.  But neither of them were there.  And the Mission President just changed the rule that the investigators need to assist 3 times instead of 2.  So that slows us down a bit.  I think it´s a good idea, it just makes fast progression a little harder.
      We have a reference that we contacted that seems to be pretty strong.  She has a cousin that is a member and a newphew on a mission.  She likes to listen to us but our 2nd cita with her fell through.  So that was another thing a little disappointing.
     We are still Working with the Gonzolez family… they are ready to be reactivated, they just need to be taught a couple more lesson for reason of paper work and they are ready to go.  They are a really great family, sometimes they can be a little hard to contact but there is a lot of love in their family….
      Sorry that´s about it… not a very exciting week….
DAD- That´s awesome that RSL has so many players playing on the national team.  Is the national team playing a lot right now?  Have you got a new computer yet?  How many games has RSL played and what is their record so far?
MOM- I hope you are feeling better, pneumonia doesn´t sound fun.  That´s great that natalie got married too haha.  Things with the comp are improving a little… i think the problem is is that we are both a little stuborn.  Sometimes he just does or says stuff off of topic or that i don´t understand and often times can offend the people we are talking too.  But poco a poco estamos mejorando….
ANDY- How far away is this new building from your old one?  And if you land one of these other jobs, will you have to move back into your original building?  And i hope you like iHop.
JESS- So my zone leader really likes my ctr ring and wants me to ask you how much it cost…. i hope you can help me out here haha.
ERIC- Hola hermano… tengo una pregunta ¿Durante su misión, siempre tuvo días cuando no pudiera hablar para nada? o fue un día cuando su español fue siempre excelente? Porque todavía siento que ser un poco peor que pueda ser y tengo días cuando yo no puedo hablar para nada.  Aveces siento que no estoy progresando bien y que estoy quedando en lo mismo lugar con mis habilidades en la idioma….
Entonces… creo que este es todo…. espero que tengan una semana mucho mejor llenado con el espíritu de Dios.  El los ama y yo tambien.  Se que este Evangelio es verdadero y que Dios tiene un plan para cada uno de nosotros.  Como dijo muchos de sus siervos durante la conferencia, Él puede ayudarnos con todos do los pruebas y dificultades que tengamos.  Él solo quiere que estemos feliz y va a ayudarnos en cualquiera manera que pueda….
los amo
-Elder Griffin

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