7 April

Hey everybody!
Sounds like everybody had… well… a little bit of a rough week haha. Hope everybody is feeling better…. But as always… good to hear from you!
So this week wasn´t bad…. We did run into a couple of problems like we didn´t really have any energy for most of the week… but we still worked hard regardless…. It´s kindof funny… I wrote you guys last week about how i felt i was improving rapidly and all that stuff (with a dash of pride) and on like tuesday… i went on a two day streak of absolutly terrible Spanish… it´s funny sometimes how the Lord works to keep you humble haha.
So we are still working with a few of the same people here… in particular the Family Gonzolez… They are a family that we started working with when i was with Elder Rodriguez. Everytime that we have gone to their house, it´s like walking into a wall of the Spirit… but for some reason when we visited on tuesday night. Something was just off, i don´t know if it was something in the companionship, my terrible day of spanish or what… but it just felt weird and a little boring… but oh well… the listened gratefully and talked with us a little bit. I really don´t know why it felt weird and can only hope that our family home evening with them goes well tommorrow.
One of the new investigators that we are working with is the lady that is renting us the house….. odly enough…. her name is Jessica… it´s a little strange but now i will never forget her name haha. We have been teaching her a little bit but most of what we do when we are there is help her with her problems… she has been having some contention with her 2 son and usually likes to talk to us a little about that… and that turns into about an hour discussion haha… it´s kinda bad cuz we don´t really get the oppurtunity to teach many of the lesson… but little by little…. she calls us her sons so i guess we have her trush now….
So i guess the most exciting thing about the week was the General Conference. I really enjoyed it this year. Maybe it´s because i´m on a mission, but it just felt like the talks were way good this year. The themes that i picked out in particular this conference were; Courage, service (in general not missionary), and overcoming adversity… To watch it we had to go to the stake center. It was pretty good…. i watched a couople of talks in spanish but for the most part i watched in english.. by the way… did you know that Elder Scott records his own talks in Spanish…. that was pretty cool. I can´t remember exactly which 70 or bishop gave the talk, but one of my favorites was the guy that talked about how this life and the premortal life are like the olympics, and that we will have eternity to think about this “4 minute performance” it scared me a little bit haha. there were a lot of really good talks, in truth i´m having a little trouble remebering right now because we just got back from playing a lot of different sports for p day some a little tired and my brain isn´t working to well… admitadly between the two sessions on saturday i spoiled myself a little and the four of is from our ward had lunch at chilis… i had a burger… that was pretty much perfectly american… it´s the closed to an american that i have felt in 6 months haha… eating a burger with my friends… sure i was speaking spanish… but thats ok haha.
So about the earthquake and crazy weather things… i haven´t heard much haha… i´m kindof out of the loop… and as far as the evacuations, like mom, andy´s letter was the first i have heard of them… i guess i´m not close enough to the danger zone haha.
By the way… i got a very exciting letter from Ulu today… he has recieved his mission call and will be serving in the Uruguay Montevideo mission. He leaves for the MTC in Argentina June 5Th!!!!

DAD- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you guys do anything crazy on your birthday, even though all of you were sick? My companion doesn´t like soccer haha… he tells me that he played football football before his mission… i´m still unsure but oh well haha. That´s pretty awesome about the national team… who played for RSL, i can call Beckerman… but the others i´m not sure Rimando maybe. did RSL have a game this week. No i´m not in the same apartment by the way…. i had to move to the other side of the ward… which is really far away from the chapel and pretty much anything else that we would need to go to… except for the bishop and the grocery store… those are both really close haha.
MOM- The new apartment is pretty good… i think it´s nicer then the old one… the old one everything was one room (except the bathroom) Now we have a seperate room to sleep in… it´s nice… there are a couple of down sides however….. the Water pressure isn´t real constant… and there is a slaughter house about 1 block away and if the wind blows right it isn´t exactly the best smelling place. But that´s about it…. That´s awesome that natalie is getting married saturday… now lindsey is the only girl unmarried right? And did all the girl cousins get married during her mission? As far as my “new area” it´s called Elio 2…. so i got moved from Elio… to Elio 2… awesome huh? i don´t really know my address… i´ll try to remember to get it to ya next week….
Andy- Sounds like you had a General party… not conference haha…. It sounds fun however haha. And at least you didn´t get a lot out of it because you were feeding the missionaries haha. So in Cali is it broadcast over the TV or Internet… i guess cuz your TV has internet it isn´t that big of a deal haha. that´s awesome to that your running the Ragnar… at least you have some time to train for it… is it the Ragnar in Utah or is there another one in Cali?
Eric- Espero que esta sintiendo mejor. No es bien divertido a estar enfermo durante la chamba y conferencia general… Una pregunta ¿Con quien fue a la sesión del sacerdocio? ¿el otro poseedor del sacerdocio en la casa vio algunas de los sesiones?


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