31 March

Well hey all!!!

     Sounds like everything is going pretty good back at home.  From fires on the beach to a classic 4 season day in utah!
      Well i guess i´ll start from the beginging…. yup… i got transferred… and mom… you are exactly right…..  They moved me to the new part of my old sector so in spanish i can say me voy y me quedo… which means… i go and i stay….  But it really is openion a new sector… There isn´t a whole lot of investigators in this part of the area…. our area book has about 18 old investigators and thats it haha… i´m litterally writing the area book…  I also have a new companion…. his name is Elder Aguero.  He is from Mexico and is 20 years old.  He has about 14 months in the mission.  He´s not bad… sometimes he get´s on my nerves during contacting and in other times… but i´ve had worse!  It´s a little frustrating not to have much to work with in a new area so we have just been contacting like crazy to try and get some ground work laid. (ps. Elder Rodriguez is still in the other side haha)
      With this “transfer” i have had to step up my courage and how i work and teach a whole lot….  i´ve been trying to talk way more… and in truth… i may be talking a bit too much haha… i´ve talked in lessons for about 80 of the lesson…  i don´t know i´ve just had to step it up a lot… and i have seen a change for the better in my abilities for sure….
      So i´m pretty stocked for conference… the only place we can watch it is in the stake center… so we have to go all the way over there… but oh well… i´ve heard rumors that they even have a special english room for us greengos haha.  In truth i was kinda looking forwad to watching it in spanish… but oh well haha.  What´s your plan for conference this year?
      Sorry that´s about it… not much to say this week….
DAD- Sorry that work is a little slow right now… hopefully it will pick up soon… are you still working with the symphany?  That´s awesome about RSL.  Glad to hear that they are doing well this year.  That is bad that Plata is out for so long.  But at least they´re not crippled with out him right?  I actually don´t hear to much about soccer hear… i kinda wish i did but oh well haha… it probably has to do with the fact that Peru isn´t in it haha. i actually had to use that in defense of the states haha.  Someone was giving me crap about our team… so i had to bring it up that at least we´re in the cup haha.
MOM-  Well us Griffins have always known how to party haha.  When does she get married?  And when does kindel get married?  What are you going to do on your days off? and spring break already?  How much longer does the school year have?  The weather here has been cooling off a little bit… i can´t say that it is exactly cool but it isn´t as hot as it was a couple of weeks ago.  That is pretty rough news… i hope that he doesn´t get discouraged and works hard to reach his goals….
ANDY-  So of the jobs… which one would your prefir to have?  When do you think you´ll find out about any of them?  How many are you going to apply for?  That sounds like a pretty excelent way to spend a friday night haha.  How come we didn´t know about all of these cool places when we were down there before i left?
SAM- Well i guess as your trying to learn from it it can count… -_-  And i do plan on bringing lots of food to conference as well haha… we´ll probably be at the stake center all day long so i´ll need to stock up on some stuff haha.
Well that´s about it for this week
¡los amo y tengan una semana excelente!
-Elder Griffin

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