24 March

Well hello hello.
It was really great to hear from you guys this week! Sounds like things are going good back home and in Cali (mexico) too!
As far as my week goes…. pucha…. it was a pretty rough week. We just can´t seem to met anyone and all of our citas seem to be falling through…. I kinda don´t know what to do…. and that bugs me a little haha. Anyone that was an investigator has just kinda dropped off the face of the planet….
For John… we haven´t seen him in 2 weeks…. but the second counseler in the ward told us that they are preparing for a wedding and only need to cross some t´s and dot some i´s and they will be ready. We still have to teach him a whole bunch though and i´m getting a little nervous because he wasn´t at church yesterday either….
For Gladis and her family, we actually were able to encontrar them this week, well the kids, but we didn´t really get a lesson in and it was kindof just to try and rebuild some confidence. They kinda make me angry a little bit because they are so awesome but impossible to encontrar! I feel like if we could have a couple of solid citas they would have no problem accepting the Gospel and getting baptised…. but maybe that isn´t that plan that God has in store…. todavía
We met a new person that we are going to start teaching. Her name is evelyn, she is a reference from some person in the States. We recieved her info about a month ago, but have never been able to meet her. Everytime we went to her house or called her, she couldn´t recieve us. But we met her and talked a little bit with her and set another cita so hopefully we can start to see some progress wiht her.
So we were finally able to find a place for the other to missionaries that are going to come. And where we found it means that we are going to keep pando and portions of elio. We are still going to lose people but not as many as we thought we were going too.
Transfers are tomorrow too. I don´t know what´s going to happen, there are a lot of different options that they can do. They can send me to another area, they can keep me here to kill Elder Rodriguez (which would mean 3 more months here in the least) or they could split us and put us both with a new missionary in this same area. So i really don´t know what to expect…. I think thats about it for the news and weekly report….

DAD- I guess i could go on a burger diet… But they don´t do them right here… its just bread, the burger, french fries on the burger, sometimes lettuce, and condaments…. So who are you rooting for in march madness… mom told me that your bracket in now broken…. How does RSL look this year? And what is the word on Plata? Will he come back soon or is Garcia about to start getting a lot more time? In all honesty, i think i am ready to try a new area…. And i would be in the same city, but the zones are all really different. I´m in a really safe and rich area, but there are a few areas that are a little more poor and a little dangerous. Lima is big enough that it acts like a lot of different cities haha
MOM- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like you very rightly got spoiled and had a good birthday! And your only as old as you think! So as far as the area split, they will be sharing our ward. In our mission, every zone is a stake, and every area is a ward. So when there are more then one companionship in an area, there are more then one in the ward too. That´s awesome that you are still in for March Madness haha. And i finally heard from ulu today. He told me that he should be getting his call in the next few weeks. So hopefully that means that he has sent his papers.
ANDY- Sounds like an awesome Cruze haha. And i´m sure all of the chicks loved to hear you sing haha. How big was the boat? And why didn´t you like Mexico? You know in ensenada the have a huge off road race of 1000 miles every year right? (there is a movie on netflix called dust to glory about it (eric you would like it)) Yeah i feel that american guilt sometimes too… but it does put it into perspective on how good we have it in the states. I´m also glad to hear that you area going for the other job… i think you´ll be happier there and i bet you can get it!
ERIC- jaja memorial day… que bueno tiempos tuvimos en el cementerio trabajando. ¿Como esta preparando en Botts? Gracias por sus palabras acerca de su familia… es una ayuda mucho. Entonces ¿todavía tiene la oportunidad a practicar español con Jordan y otros? ¿cuantos pagó por su nueva bicicleta? ¿Que piensas con su bicicleta?
ALL- So i´ve decided that i would like to challange all of you to a very simple chanllange…. read the whole book of mormon before i reach one year in the mission. That should be about 6 months to read….

Entonces creo que este es todo… los amo y buena suerte con el desafió…
-Elder Griffin


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