17 March

Well hello hello!

      Sounds like things are going pretty good back home, and with beautiful weather too!
      Today is going to be a pretty calm p day, we played soccer with the zone in the morning, and from now till six, we will probably just kinda hang out… haha.
      This week was pretty good….  It still was a little slow but the people we are teaching seem pretty solid.  We taught John again on tuesday i think.  He is pretty good and is still excited to get baptised.  He can only meet with us about once a week so yes he is progressing, it just feels a little slow haha, but i know he will be married and baptised.  They still don´t have a date to get married, we´re looking for the next time the city has whats called a massive wedding… i have no idea what it is, but the city has certain days where it´s a littl cheaper to get married… it think, we have a cita with him tonight so we will probably talk to him a little about when they want to get married
      So the Zone leaders gave us some news that is both awesome and kindof annoying at the same time….  In the next transfer, we are going to recieve two more Elders in our ward.  It´s great that there are so many missionaries and that the work is speeding up… but with them, elder Rodriguez and I now have to find a new apartment for them, and find a way to divide the ward in the best way.  The problem is, when we divide the ward, we are going to lose some of our investigators.  If we lose the area of Elio, we´ll lose john, our awesome family, victor, saundra, and a lot of other people too.  And if we lose Pando, we´ll lose a lot of less actives that we have been working with, Alberto, and Yanina and Alexandra (two of the only recent converts that we have to teach)  So it´s great and kindof annoying at the same time, but the Lord has a plan, and all i can do is conform to the plan and keep working hard….
      So yes… On Saturday, Yanina was baptised!  And satan was working hard on all of us to prevent it i think…. At 1 oclock in the morning, i woke up with a very sore throat and a fever….  And the whole day until the baptism I was feeling terrible… so half an hour before the baptism, we went to our room to get our stuff, and i took some pills to feel better haha.  But none of that is important, because Yanina was baptised, and confirmed a member of the Church.  And i have high confidence that she is converted to the Gospel and to the church too.  I did have the blessing to baptise her, which was an awesome expirience.  It´s way cool to see how to gospel can change the lives of people of they let it change them.  When we first met Yanina, in truth, she was a very closed person and didn´t smile very often,  But now she smiles all the time, and the biggest change is that she seems happy.  Her family has been a little bit of a struggle for her because her brothers make fun of her for making this choice, and that has to be so hard, but she just isn´t letting it get her down, and i think she is even trying to get them interested in listening to us, so that´s pretty awesome.  The baptism was really cool because we actually had like 10 members come! yeah i wish that we would have had like 50… but it was great to see the ward support Yanina and welcome her into the ward, especially since she doesn´t have that great support system at home… yet….  So yeah… Saturday was a pretty excellent day!
DAD- So there is a chance that BYU and WEBER could play each other, or are they in different leages? if they do play eachother, who would you root for?  I guess it´s good that RSL didn´t lose… a win would have been better but there are worse out comes.  I am a little upset the Khari is gone, he was always fun to watch play.  Does Garcia play much?
MOM- we have been doing a lot more service lately, with Madariaga, we never did any because we didn´t offer it to anyone, but with Elder Rodriguez, we offer it to absolutly everyone.  And so far we have painted the Mission dentists office, lifted drywall up 3 stories, fixed bathrooms, and organized cell phone cases… all have been for members but that´s ok.  The spanish is coming pretty well, my head doesn´t hurt at the end of the dy anymore… i still have a long way to go, but i feel like i´m getting the hang of it, i feel like my biggest problem is vocab.  So i usually get a letter every week from Derek, Brandon, and Hayden.  Ocasionaly i´ll get a letter from Lucy or Jaylyn.  I haven´t heard from Ulu for a really long time, Derek and Brandon haven´t either.  The last tme i heard from him was February the tenth, when he came back from tonga, idon´t know whats up but i´d like to know what´s up with him haha.
ERIC- En verdad, la obra es poco lento, cual es un otro razón que este poco nervioso a recibir mas misioneros en el barrio.  Y no hemos encontrado la familia por casi 2 semanas, no entiendo porque fueron bien interesado y aun asistieron la sacramental….  ¿ A donde fue a snowboard? ¿Que tal la nieve?  Esta bien a usar mi bicicleta, ten cuidado y no es un problema, pero tienes su propio bicicleta a hora, y ella es bien bonita, estoy animado a montar con ti. Cuando tienes tiempo ¿Con quien hang out (como se dice en espanoel… con quien salir)?
Entonces, este es todo.
los amo mucho.
-Elder Griffin
p.s.(Próximo semana es cambios… no se que vaya a pasar….)

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