17 February

Hey hey hey!

      This week has been pretty great!  Continutally working with the members and all that, still trying to get some fruit from those labors, but we need to get a foundation first haha.  We haven´t really been contacting at all which means of course that our lessons went way down in numbers this week… but i don´t know… when we contact yeah we fill out the paper work better, but it usually doesn´t lead to much and often feels like a waste of time.  I think thats why we have been focusing more on working with members for references.
      Well first off, i do have a new companion!  His name is Elder Rodriguez.  He is from Honduras and has 20 months in his mission, which means he has the same amount of time that my last comp had when we started….  But, Elder Rodriguez is pretty much awesome… in every way… its just awesome!
      But because he is new to this area, everything we do has had to come from me…. and i have been stressing out haha!  Some days its really difficult to plan and get a good base idea of what to do.  But little by little i´ll get better and things will run smoother….
      Yeah so I had a couple of really awesome expiriences this week.  The first started on thursday.  If you remember, we were teaching a young kid named Sergio a while back, but he stopped listening to us and started running from us haha.  But his family was always really awesome and really kind to us… so on Thursday, Elder Rodriguez and I stopped by the house to try and talk to them.  The mother answered the door and we just started talking with her and the next thing we knew, she invited us in and we had a really awesome lesson with here and her other son Raul.  We taught about the resatauration, partly because the ward mission leader and i gave her the pamphlet for it the week before.  So she had a couple of questions that we answered and it was just awesome!  At the end of the cita, she asked us to come back on Sunday to meet the whole Family!  So fastforward to yesterday….  We went to their house to meet and teach and what not… and the dad and raul werent there, but we started to teach any way.  In the begining, we were teaching Gladis (mom), Janet (first child, daughter), and Sergio (whom we know and love).  And things were awesome! Gladis is solid and really likes us to visit, and the same with Janet.  The were all very talkative and asking lots of perfect questions and everything! it was awesome!.  About midway through the lesson, Dad and the other son came home, both name Raul.  I was a little nervous of what the dad was going to say. But he is awesome too!  Yesterday didn´t feel like we were teaching a lesson, we were simple talking with a family.  One of the coolest things was that we had planned to teach about the Book of Mormon, and after we had been talking for a couple of minutes, they brought up the book of mormon and started asking questions about it.  And not questions of interigation with the intention to argue… they asked questions to learn and converse with us… it was epic!  This was a huge testimony that the Lord prepares people for the missionaries to teach.  And i can´t wait to teach them again on wednesday!
      I´m about outta time but i gotta tell yeah about the other sweet expirience.  There is a less active family in the ward that we have been working with for a couple of weeks, mainly because the little daughter just turned 8 and wanted to be baptised.  in all honesty they are one of my favorite families and i love to teach them and be around them.  Well the little girl, Leah, was baptised on saturday, which was awesome!  And in sacrament meeting yesterday, the mother asked me to confirm her a member and give her the holy ghost…. i was way nervous because i´ve never done it before, or anything like it besides the occasionaly blessing.  Any way, i feel like it went really well, and the spirit was really strong, and it just felt awesome to give this little girl an invaluable gift and help her on the path to God….  It was awesome!
well i really gotta go
Los amo, para siempre!
-Elder Griffin
(ps. i also had to give my first random talk in sacrament meeting yesterday, that too went very well)

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