10 February

Hey Everybody!

      As always is so good to here from you all! Sounds like things are moving right along in the good old state of Utah (and Cali).
      Things her hare going pretty good.  This week has been pretty diferent then the other weeks of the mission.  My comp had a lot of “trunky work” to do.  From meetings with migration to authorized visits to his old wards.  And because i didnt want to waste time in the migration offices and traviling to visit people i dont know,  three days this week, i worked solo with mini missionaries.  And it was awesome!  i was really nervous at first because ive been having not the greatest language week and just a couple of other little things like that.  I think i was just nervous to be in charge.  But the days with the MM were some of my favorite days on my mission so far.  We worked at my pace and tried different ideas and contacted a lot!  after the second day of contacting, i came to realize that contacting doesnt really work well here, im stil going to do it because we need to… but the third day with the MM, we tried a new idea from the ward.  this idea is to visit families of the ward, sing a hymn, and have a little training sesh with them.  After the training session, we are supposed to leave with the members to a reference or person that they have for us to teach.  I can see that if the ward is willing to give us those references, that we should be able to find more people to teach.  But the families that we visited, we didnt talk to any new people so that was kinda disappointing, but one member knows a family whose mother is a member and wants her kids of 10 and 12 to be baptised.  So we are going to swing back to his house this week to go and find this family.  After we got a little bored of visiting the members, we went back to contacting haha.  But in the middle of it, my MM got sick and started having some severe pain in his neck, chest, and back.  Painful enough that he couldnt even talk without lots of pain.  So due to this… we went back to my apartment at 8… so that was a little bummer too but you cant do anything about being sick.
      So we have a new investigator! her name is Genine.  We really have only visited her 2 or 3 times, and they have all just been quick little messages through her door because she wouldnt let us into her house.  But she randomly showed up at church yesterday! and i am super excited to start teaching her.  So yeah… ill have to let ya know how things go with her next week haha.
      So transfers are tomorrow… my comp is at the office all day tomorrow… which means another day of MM haha.  I am a little nervous haha.  my zone leaders told me something that scared me to the core… there are always bad missionaries…. So i dont know haha.  i guess its not even guarenteed that ill still be here in Elio next week…. its not probable, but not impossible… the only thing that we know is that i will have a new companion tomorrow haha and i am going to do all i can from the begining to have 1:a better relationship with my comp, and 2: make sure that we work hard and have fun!
DAD- Thats great that work is busy for now haha. And i just found out about an hour before my internet time that the olympics are in swing… we are at a members house and its going on in the background haha it was pretty weird to see a guy skiing through the moduls while im in Pery in 83 degree weather haha.  And RSL is already about to start up again? They just ended didnt they? oh well… no complaints haha.
MOM- We actually havent talked to Hector because he didnt come to church yesterday so… that was a bumber….  Thats a bumber a about Bode Milller… hopefully the USA will do better haha.  Thats awesome about the girls leaving for their missions!  and i{m out of bread… so yeah haha… i probably ought to get some more….
ANDY-That sounds like an awesome party. and that{s great that you got to teach again… im finding that i quite enjoy teaching as well haha.  Its also good to hear about your job being better too.
ERIC- Los siento acerca de su partido… siempre pueden ser mejor jaja. y excelente con su amiga, es triste pero chevere que quera servir.
pues… eso is todo…
-Elder Griffin

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