3 Feb

Hey all!
Sounds like an eventful week of parties and well… work…. As always, so good to hear from you.
So this week… Very very slow, and i can´t really say that much got done. This area is just so hard. It was a hard area when i first got here, when my companion would work a little bit. But now that he isn´t working, the work feels like it isn´t moving at all…. I feel like that a big reason for that is that this message is meant to be shared 2X2, with equal opinions, and everything equal. If only one is working it just doesn´t work. We contacted a lot this week. And tried visting a lot of names from the area book as well and it just didn´t do anything. On Saturday i think i knocked on like 30 doors, 4 people answered, and were pretty quick to shut it again. In all honesty, it´s been a very discouraging week.
On tuesday, we had a lesson with Percy for the night time. But when we were walking out the door to go to lunch, he called us and said that he needed to talk to us right at that moment. So we went to his house to talk to him and… he canceled his baptism…. That was really hard for me. He says that he believes, that he knows this church is true, that his baptism wasn´t like Christ´s and didn´t have the authority. But he doesn´t want to change his religion and thinks that has baptism was good enough. I think it was so hard on me because I felt like I bore a really strong testimony about baptism, and him canceling made me feel like my testimony wasn´t strong enough to help him. I know I can´t think like that, but sometimes it´s hard not too. Especially when he was one of our only investigators.
Javier is just classic Javier. He couldn´t make it to one of lessons, because it was on his anniversary, and it was his idea to set it for that day… so… and he didn´t come to church… again…. We do however, have a lesson with him tomorrow so we´ll just have to see how that goes.
We do however, have an investigator that i feel really good about. Remember Hector, the man that traveled to Italy for the entire month of January? Well he is finally back, which means we can finally start teaching him again and i´m pretty excited for that.
Yesterday we had 3 investigators attend church. The funny thing is, 2 of them, we met on the way to the ward council meeting and just decided to invite them to church and they both just said ya sure. One isn´t in our zone so we gotta give his info to the other missionaries. But the other seem really good and really strong so that is exciting too. Yesterday, as you know, was fast and testimony meeting, and Patrick (who doesn´t speak spanish) wanted to bear his testimony… so i had to go and translate for him. It was far from a perfect translation, but i´m glad i did it anyway because it did help me feel a little better about my abilities, I still have a ways to go with spanish but it´s coming.
So yesterday my companion did not have permission to leave so he stayed. He does have permission to leave this next weekend on Saturday and Sunday…. He was a little upset that he couldn´t leave so he made some appointments with members and we spent all of yesterday in only two houses…. not really great…. one of them, my comp wanted to help them kill a duck… so we all gathered on the roof were the proceed to kill this duck… it was not real pretty… yeah i won´t go into details… it didn´t make me sick or anything like that, but i just didn´t like that they only did it with a knife… my comp loved it and was facinated.
So i have felt more American this week then ever. I caved and went and bought peanut butter (which is way expensive here) and jelly and bread. So know i have a PB&J in the morning and in the night too jaja! it is pretty much awesome. The jam here is a little different… the strawberries were only like, halfed, so before i can make a sandwich, i have to take my new knife and make my jam into better jam. But it is awesome all the same!

Dad- 43-8? That´s Huge!! Sorry it wasn´t much of a game jaja… but it was still probably fun to party it up with the Deathrows… i know how wild they can be. Yeah that´s kinda been my goal… remember what i don´t like and make sure that when my time comes, use those things that i don´t like about my trainer, to make myself a better trainer. 55 soles is about 20 bucks… i feel like 20 bucks is a little high to pay for a jump rope but i don´t really remeber…. i think i paid like 8 for the one that i bought in the states. But don´t send a special package just for the jump rope…. it´s not necesary right now.
Mom-Transfers are next week. So i have about 7 more days to endure jaja. I actually haven´t seen any of those billboards yet, but i really want too! By the way, i think i forgot to respond to one of your questions… My shower has not been fixed… the offices know about it… it just hasn´t been fixed yet…. The idea of controling the temperature of water is very alien at this point haha. If i want cold water to drink, i have to go buy it. If i want hot water… well i don´t know how to get that haha. It´s actually not that bad… if i just make sure to exersize in the morning it helps too jaja.
Andy- My comp did have someone with him… i don´t know if the first one was permitted but this saturday and sunday he does…. Haha am glad it at least looks like i know what i´m doing… Cuz i don´t really think that i do jaja. I´m glad things at work are going better. I wish i had some better advice then just try to have a good attitude and keep your chin up…. Sounds like your roomates are pretty wild! So do you think you will change houses? and how are things going with “the niece”? Yeah i pretty much totally forgot about march madness… but i´m glad the cougs are playing strong all the same.
Well that´s about it….
Los amo bastantes…
-Elder Griffin

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