27 Jan

Hey all!!
Sounds like things are going well back home! As always, it´s great to hear from you all!
This week wasn´t bad… my comp is doing a little better. But now when we are not teaching an investigator or with a member, he doesn´t really work much… so i´ve been doing all of the door to door contacting this week and it is tough! but at the same time it does kinda feel like a blessing because i feel like it´s really helping me improve, and see what i need to work on.
So saturday… yeah so with Percy, the whole time we were trying to prep him for baptism he just seemed really shakey, and he hadn´t given us a definant answer by Friday night. But Friday we had a really excellent cita with him where we pretty much just bore testimony and talked about our baptisms. It was super powerful. That is one thing i´ve been thinking a lot about, is baptism (and not just because i´m a missionary). Sometimes it seems like we forget about it. Baptism is about the most important thing you can do to follow Christ, and it´s such a great gift to be able to be baptised. And sometimes when we are born in the Church and baptised at 8, we tend to forget about the baptism and the feelings that accompanied that sweet expirience. When i think back, the day of my baptism was one day of incredible spirit, a spirit that is dificult to match. And i really want to chanllenge you guys to try and remember your baptsms more and the feelings of the spirit you felt that day…. any way… so Percy was not baptized on Saturday…. so I had the idea to take him to a baptism at the stake center that night from other missionaries in the zone. It was super spiritual as well. After the baptism he told us that he wants to be baptised this Saturday! This one feels a lot more sincere and firm then the last one. And i think that is because this is the day that he has decided to be baptised, not that date we are trying to get him baptised i guess.
The other thing i have to write about today was Sunday. My companion is now using Sundays to visit his old Zones (i really hope that it is approved and next chance i get i think i´ll ask the ZL´s). He said i could come with but i chose to find a companion from the Ward and stay and work. I was really excited Saturday night and made what i thought was a killer plan. So we were supposed to have lunch in Pando (which is really far away from pretty much everything else) but when i talked to the family at church, they had forgoten, so we stayed in Elio and at lunch with my companions family. I then made a cita with an investigator at 5:30 in elio. Since our chruch starts at 11, we were not ready to start working until about 4.30…. So we only had an hour to work before the cita, but all of my plans were for a completly different part of our sector, and i didn´t want to walk to Pando, work for 10 minutes, then come back for the cita. I then proceeded to forget everything about elio and where anybody that has shown an interest lives… so it was a slow day to say the least…. Then when we were finally starting to get into a groove, i got a message from the investigators friend that said she couldn´t be taught in her house and would rather be taught in the chapel. So we ran over to the chapel to see if it was open and… it wasn´t. I then called the Ward misison leader for the keys. So we then had to run all the way to Cipreses to get the keys and come all the way back. The cita went pretty well and she seems interested, but it seemed like we were kinda just running around all day. After that, we had to walk to the second furtherst part of my sector to pick up Javier. We invited him to a family home evening in The bishops house the night before. But during church the bishop told us that he couldn´t have it at his house… chevere… but there were two others that told us we could bring investigators, the problem is is that they are in totally different sectors, Pando, and Elio. We then proceded to go all the way back to elio (thus killing about 40 minutes of time) For a family home evening. It went super wll though. The guy who taught the lesson is fresh off his mission (so was my companion) and he taught a really excellent lesson on recognizing the Spirit, which is one thing that we have been working with Javier on. So that went well….
Just one quick note about my whole comp situation. I got an email back from the MP and he said “there are brighter days on the horizon”. I guess he is trying to tell me to endure haha….

Dad- Yeah it´s probably best not to tell me :( i´m very excited to watch them tho haha. And with the weight, i really don´t know…. I think i´m staying pretty constant, i just don´t know where… i am smaller tho :( My arms feel really small…. as far as workouts go… i can´t do a whole lot in my apartment…. and my comp won´t go out in the morning… so my workout have been 200 pushups (different types) and 400 abs and sometimes dips…. it´s very boring! and doesn´t really feel like it´s doing much…. i really want a jump rope but i cannot find one anywhere. In the 3 sports stores i have found, i found one jump rope for 55 soles… i just couldn´t do it…. And the food is about the same haha. P.S. Those helicopters sound awesome!
Mom- Yeah i´d say things were a little better with him this week. It´s a little difficult to have “heart to hearts” with him because when i bring something up or give him suggestions, he just says stuff like “that´s great for you but not for me” “I don´t like rules” “your new, you don´t anything”…. so yeah… it´s a little difficult. The kicker about this whole thing is that two weeks agos, he told me “I don´t want to work on getting up on time because i want to work hard my last couple weeks and can´t work on both of those at once” But now it feels like he is working on none of them…. That is kinda sad about imagine dragons… it´s cool that they got to perform tho… i actually heard a rumor before i left that they are LDS… i don´t know for sure tho…. Today is just a personal P-day, which actually sounds really nice and relaxing haha. My shirts aren´t being ruined, they just don´t look as good. The stains aren´t huge but they are noticable and that bugs me… my sock supply is fine for now… i´ve heard that this is a problem with all of the laundry ladies.
Andy- Haha sounds like the girls really like to help with fashion… maybe you should play the Utah style thing out for a while and see where that leads. That´s too bad about BYU… How much longer does there season have? P.S. The chore chart look great!
Eric- ¿Que cosas esta estudiando? Los siento acerca de su primero partido, ¡siempre hay el próximo! ¿ustedes practican mucho, es posible a practicar? Y yo leo mi bendición patriarcal casi cada dos semanas. Lo habla acerca del obra misional y es un bueno cosa a leer cuando tener un día no perfecto jaja. ¿Gasta mucho tiempo con sus amigos todavía?

Entonces, creo que eso este todo
¡amo y esperarlos!
-Elder Griffin


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