20 January

Hey Everybody!!
Sounds like things are all going pretty good back home! It´s really great to be able to hear from you guys.
Things this week were really pretty good in the begining. They weren´t moving way fast and intense but i didn´t feel like they were really slow either. We taught lessons and i felt like i was personally teaching and speaking very well to (one of the first times in the mission haha). WE even have an invesigator getting baptized on Saturday! Yes Pearcy has a date for baptism, which is awesome! but he doesn´t feel totally secure about it yet, but every time we meet with him he says that he feels a little bit more secure. we still have to teach him the commandments so hopefully after all those he will be very ready to be baptized. He is kind of a testiment of the importance of the record book. He was an old investigator of 10 years… we have been talking with him for 2 weeks and he is about to be baptized!!
Javier… well ol javier…. we taught him once this week…. his wife has been having some pretty big medical problems and i think it has actually helped his faith and believe in God more. So we thaught ok great, he´ll accept baptism and all will be well in Zion! So we invited him, he didn´t say no but he didn´t say yes either. He said he didn´t want to make problems between him and his wife, who is very catholic. I feel like he just needs to pray and talk to her because we found him through her, and she seems like she is pretty recptive to other religions…. but i won´t claim to know more about his wife then he does….
Well Cezar we were not able to teach much this week. I don´t remember if last week i told you about the invitation for baptism or not… so i´ll write it again just in case…. So things were going really well with him and we invited him to baptism, and it was really the same thing as Pearcy, yes but not with much confidence… so then we were chatting and we just randomly asked how long they had been married and… they aren´t… that is easily the biggest problem here, people live together and have kids, but don´t get married ever! It´s very frustrating!
Alright so here goes about why things WERE going well. As of yesterday, i fell like my comp has given up… which is very frustrating because i finally felt like we were making progress. When we got back to the apartment i asked if he wanted to start planning and he said no… so i said ok, we´ll plan in the morning. So this morning when i went to help him wake up… he was very difficult about it and actually tried to kick me…. then when he finally woke up, he just laid on his bed… till about 8 actually…. so by this time he had told me that he didn´t want to plan… so i planned everything today and i just have a bad feeling that things might get really slow and really hard these next couple of weeks. I´m going to do whatever i can to make them be good, fun, and full of lessons… but it is hard to teach and find people with a companion who is unwilling to work…. i wrote President Borg for advice today so hopefully something will happpen….

DAD- Did i call the superbowl, or did i call the superbowl!?! I think Andy just likes going against the Griffin grain in sports sometimes haha. So… how many new seasons are up… and are they any good? I won´t lie, i´ve been thinking about cars alot lately… but it´s bad cause i´m forgetting everything about cars too! so we´ll probably just have to watch all of them again…. hmm… i hope Snow still exists in Utah in the future
MOM- Haha, that sounds like a very classic high school kid move! I´m glad that the builind didn´t go up in flames! The beach has pretty much now sand… it´s all rocks… they did however, build some sand volleyball courts that we played on. And the ocean didn´t look very clear either…. everything is just poluted here! And yes, it was all i could do to keep from just running into the water and swimming, it helped that it was really gross looking water….
ANDY- Just gottat go against the grain eh? That´s awesome about BYU, sounds like they are doing awesome this year. And as for the work stuff, that doesn´t sound like fun… i think often when people have “power” they like to show that they have it… i hope things get better… When you are running the company you´ll just have to interview her personally as well…
ERIC- haha me gusta la noticias acerca de las chicas.. ayudele nuestros hermano con el mismo haha. ¿Quien estan jugando con usted? ¿Esta en un legue? ¿cuantos partidos tiene? Un cosa que yo he hallado para estudiar idioma, es traducir, ahora yo tradujo los himnos de español a ingles, y los libros de la Iglesia desde ingles a español. ¡Eso es un ayuda muy bien!

Entonces, no hay nada mas a digo…
Los amo
-Elder Griffin

Oh mom i forgot! You asked about my laundry… we have a lady that does it for us for 35 soles a month. we take it too her on one day, and retrieve it like 4 days later. but in all honesty, she isn´t that great… a lot of my shirts have come back with stains and burn marks… and she loses socks a lot….


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