9 December

Sounds like everybody is doing pretty well back home!

      Things here are going pretty well.  It´s still really hard to communicate and things with the language but oh well!  It´s so strange how it works! some days i can communicate way better then others. and other days i can´t communicate at all!!  And i can understand everything when i am reading but when it comes to understanding when people are talking, that is really difficult!!
      Work here is going… i´m getting a little frustrated with my comp in that area too…. we spend a lot of time in one place and with people who i´m not sure are ready, willing, or need us to be there. he doesn´t seem to work to hard on finding new people…. and everytime i bring it up, he just blows me off so that´s a struggle i´m trying to deal with.  Some days, he is just really hard to get along with and work with. but adjusting and adapting is just all part of missionary work.
      I feel like i´m starting to get into the rythm of missionary work.  And hopeful with that it´ll be easier to teach and to communicate.  We had a couple solid lessons with Lida (the person who is getting baptized Saturday) and she seems really excited to get baptized… but she hasn´t been to church for a few weeks so i´m getting kinda nervous… we have a cita with her tomorrow i think so we gotta talk to her a little bit.  Out side of that… there isn´t a whole to report.  Patrick isn´t really progressing much still, he comes to church but doesn´t do much else.  When we went to teach him the other day he was smoking and drinking while we were there, so that was a little discouraging too.  He just doesn´t seem willing or wanting to try and change.
      So last night we went to that live broadcast Christmas devotional.  That made me kinda homesick haha.  They were showing all these shots of temple square and of the decorated tabernacle.  And they had the choir and orchestra perform… so i saw uncle Dennis.  it seem like Christmas music gets me thinking of you guys faster then anything else and it´s kinda annoying!!!!!!!
Mom-It was great getting to chat with you a little today :) That´s great that you got snow! it´s really weird having a Christmas without it haha.  The Christmas party sounds like it was pretty funny1 i love Brother Baldrie!  As far as communication goes… it´s getting better, but it´s still not very easy. Sometimes i learn more from my comp about what i don´t want to do or be like haha.  And we get to skype!! and we don´t have ipads by the way…. so i´ll need to get somebodies skype address and i´ll get the one from HMN. Gabriela as soon as i can…
Dad-no, that doesn´t make me feel better about the weather… it´s way hot here!! and i miss snow!! i got a letter from shane but haven´t heard from anybody else.  That sucks about the cup… i was hopin for real… and why is he leaving? are they paying him more in New York? Yeah get some inca cola.. eric said you can get it in hispanic stores… it´s pretty awesome.  Yeah the food is pretty good here actually…. tons nd tons of rice however.. we use Nuevo soles… 1 american dollar is like 2.79 soles.  We get 575 soles a month.  350 goes to the pinchanesta, but we don´t have one so we use that for food and sent the rest back at the end of the month.  35 goes to the laundry lady. and ten we have like 95 or some thing like that for personal….
Andy- Sounds like you´ve been busy! i´m guessing you don´t have snow either haha.  you forgot dutch!! you?? oh well! thanks for the tips bytheway, i´ll be sure to utilize them….
Eric- that sounds like it would be kinda sketchy…. and that´s awesome that they have inca cola!  Is your new truck a manual? and did you take the stereo system out before you sold it?
well i gotta go! 
Los amo!
-Elder Griffin

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