6 January 2014

Hey everybody!

      Wow this week has just flown by!  Time here really is different… weeks are days, and days are weeks!  I feel like it´s just flying by, it´s just crazy to think about!
      This week was really strange, and really slow too…. We had two P-days… Tuesday and Wednesday…. Tuesday for transfers Wednesday for the holiday.  Big news with Transfers!!! nothing happened withus haha, just as expected.  But yeah we just got work from the General Authorities that they cannot give us news about transfers till the night before… so i won´t be able to let you guys know till the next week.
      So the teaching has been going a lot better.  WE taught Javier twice this week.  Those were actually the first realy lessons we have had with him.  But the strange thing is he has come to church 3 times in a row!  WE have really high hope for him and plan on inviting him to baptism really soon, we were going to do it last lesson but he didn´t keep his compromisos so it just didn´t feel right.  But every lesson we have with him the spirit is there and he continues to seek for oppurtunities to talk to us.  He is really smart and loves learning about all religions.  He says he has a difficult time believing in God, but he has been feeling the spirit for sure and i think he knows that the church is true and i think that he will come to know that for sure really soon here haha.
      We haven´t talked to Margarita for a while.  She kinda dropped off the planet.  She wasn´t home for our last scheduled lesson.  And she lives in that guarded community so that makes it kinda rough.
      We have also been teaching a new investigator named Sergio.  He is 12 years old and in a catholic family.HE doesn´t talk a lot but he likes the lessons and is keeping his compromisos (by the way I am using that spanish work because i can´t remember it in English) so he is kinda hard to read.  His family seems really cool too.  WE really want them to get involved though. they Don´t listen to our lessons but every time we get up to leave, his mom and brother and sister run over and give us fruit or paneton or jello… it´s kinda weird.  So we´re working with him to try and get his family involved also, it´s probably just a little awkward for him though.
      So for new years we got permission to stay up late again and sleep in the next day. it was pretty nice.  While it was huge and loud and cool to watch, i have come to the conclusion that they go bigger on Christmas. I have videos of both so i´ll try and get them to you guys somehow… my comp says that i probably won´t be able to sent them through email….
Dad- I am not sure how i feel about the San Fran and Packers game… i kinda like the packers…. and the indianapolis game sounds nuts!  Can´t wait to hear about the seahawks!  And jazz wise… a win is a win right?  And as far as your boring week goes… go skiin or something or have a snowball fight!
Mom- That sounds like a nice way to spend new years.  I miss quiet haha.  Tell hiedi congrats for me.  That seminary activity sounds like it was pretty cool!!  I did get an email from Randy today.  he sounds pretty bored with everybody gone. BTW, did that address work?
Andy- Haha that sounds like an interesting week!  That church sounds kinda interesting, i´ve always wanted to go to one of those gospel cermons haha.  So did the ward not have an activity for new years for you youngens?
Eric- haha interesante… yo nunca había un expiriencia similar con su expiriencia… La mas extraño cosa yo había, fui digging up three nuns. ¿Como esta Evergreen y Jose? ¿Visita mucho? ¿Que es la plan para la nueva camioneta? Y si, es muy extrañar que esta animado por escuela….
Well i think that´s pretty much it….
¡los amo!
-Elder Griffin

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