30 December 2013

Well hello hello!
      Sounds like you all had a really aweome time in Cali!
      I guess i´ll start off by saying just how great it was to see you guys on Christmas!  It´s kinda funny, i though that that was going to be horrible for my moral and desire to work… but it did the complete opposite! I was so happy and only wanted to go teach and serve! Thank you for that amazing boost!
      This week has been pretty slow….  Probably because of Christmas and transfers tomorrow.  But it just didn´t seem like we did a whole lot.  We taught Patrick again on Saturday.  It was a little different this time because we had a newly returned missionary (like eric) with us.  And i have to admit.. it went really well with him there.  He went to the Washington D.C. mission so he learned english while there.  He was really able to help.  Sometimes i feel like i can teach better with members haha.
      We also taught Margarita again.  She seems to be accepting it pretty well. and the Bishop lives only one floor up so they have been conversing alot, which is awesome!  She does have a slight memory issue so she doesn´t remember our lessons to well… so i don´t know how we are going to get past that but the Lord will provide a way!
      We have not been able to have a real lesson with Javier but have a cita with him tonight.  He came to church again this week, so that´s great (he´s one of two that came, the other being Patrick).  He´s kinda hard to teach because he really like to investigate other religions.  So hopefully we can turn that desire to learn about all religions to a desire to learn about Christ´s religion.  I don´t really know what we are going to teach him… but we´ll figure something out.  
      On Sunday the ward did this cool Noche de missional. Everybody that could came to the chapel.  The bishopbric talked to us for a coule of minutes and then divided us up and sent us out!  All night we had members talking with Less actives and finding new contacts for us.  It was pretty sweet.  I had a pretty good time with it.  They split me and my comp up so I was with a young man named Josep.  He has a really strong testimonyand has a desire to serve a mission.  I was kinda having a rough day because i feel like i´m kinda self critical, and i didn´t feel like i was living up to the plaque, and honesly this has been something that i´ve been thinking a lot about because i feel like for the past 6 weeks i´ve just been a passenger observing a missionary.  I try to talk as much as possible but i have still felt pretty back seat.  Anyway i wasn´t feeling to good about my teaching and misisonary abilities, but that night, when i had to perform because i was the most expirience, and kinda in the drivers seat, everything went so much better and it was really and uplifting expirience. And after that, I set some new goals that i feel like are really going to help me develop into a better missionary, and hopefully inspire my comp to do the same.  I kinda decided that before i can expect my comp to change, I at least need to show him that i am trying my best to be the best misisonary i can be too.  And that i am trying to change and make a difference as well.  So that´s pretty much my week and what´s been going on….
Mom- Yeah my comp talked with his family too. He didn´t recieve any packages but he got something today, it´s not a package but it doesn´t look like a letter.  I almost think that they didn´t send him something because he doesn´t have much time left.  For the rest of Chrismas we just went around and visited people.  That´s awesome about Natalie!
Dad- Yes please do send a picture of your blanket… and Eric´s pillow… and all the other cool stuff that Jess made… or other cool stuff in general!  I think i´m the same way about california… fun to visit but just a little to.. I don´t event know what but it just doesn´t feel as homely as good ole utah.  That´s no good about BYU… Did they at least look better this year?  And has Van Noy signed with anyone?  What´s going on NFL wise?
Andy- Sounds like you gave the fam the works for the Cali tour!  So how come we didn´t know about this bike trail when we partied there?  We´ll have to remember to do that when we get the chance!  By the way… how was thor 2?
Eric- Yeah i think that´s been a big difference for me… i´ve been trying to have a great attitude and look for the good in EVERYTHING and i feel like it´s really helped me be better.  I´ll have to try and find that talk. HAHA shucks… maybe you´ll find her next visit!
well… los amo….
-Elder Griffin

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