23 December

Hey all!!

      I think i´m going to keep this a little short seeing as we get to talk on Christmas!!
      So here is the plan.  I´m going to call via skype or facetime, whichever works better… at 12 30 here.  I´m pretty sure that you guys are 2 hours behind so that´ll be 10 30 there. But just in case something goes weird, stay near a device with email so we can figure something else out if needed. i cant wait to see you!
      This week was pretty good, we had a mission Christmas party which was really fun!  I also recieved all 4 of the packages.  The first 3 on wednesday and the 4th on friday.
      We had 4 investigators come to church on Sunday!! Patrick and Lida, but the two others where only our first or second time meeting with them.  One is Javier.  He seem interested but says he doesn´t believe in God much.  He really likes learning about different relgions so we´ll teach him and hopefully be the religion he learns about and believes.  The other guy, Hector, we really don´t know anything about, that was our first meeting with him besides when we learned his name and number.  So we will continue to work with him.  It is a little difficult cuz he works everyday but sunday… so that´s a challange.  It´s like that a lot down here that they don´t get much time off and it´s kinda annoying….
      The language feels like it´s coming a little better.  After every week i feel like i understand more.  It´s still hard to speak and i still understand the basics and religious talk haha.  But that´ll change!
      Sorry to hear about Aunt Elaine… but it´s good that she didn´t have drag it out….
Well i think i´m gonna end it there… sorry it´s so short but i´ll fill ya in more on Wednesday the 25 and 10 30 (utah time) in the morning!!
Love ya guys!!
Elder Griffin

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