16 December

Hey all!!

      Sounds like everything is going pretty good back home!

      Things here are going good i guess… it´s still really hard work and it was i little bit of a bummer week. Not a bad week in the sense of i was really sad or angry or anything like that… just the work is really slow right now.

      Once again we had absolutly no investigators come to church… one that had just commited to baptism but because he didn´t come to church he can´t be baptized on his date.  This is Piero, by the way, and i have a feeling that he didn´t come more because of his parents then anything else… they are really frustrating and i think that we need to talk to them a little bit cause Piero is ready and wants to be baptized, but his parents are holding him back….

      So we had a baptism planned for Lida on Saturday… but she got cold feet and backed out a couple days before. This is the third time that she has done this… so it´s not as big of a surprise or shock… but it still is really frustrating.  I don´t know what to do to get her to follow through.  I think we need to try being very clear, direct, and maybe a little firm as well.  Sometimes it´s what people need but it kinda makes me a little nervous at the same time.

      We also taught Omar again yesterday.  He can be very difficult to teach.  He is the 14 year old Atheist. And he reads a lot of stuff which is good, most of it is religious, which is good, but most of the religious stuff is Anti-Christ literature… which is where it turns bad. But yesterday actually went really well!  We got in his house instead of teaching him on the street like we usually do.  And the Spirit was way strong!  But, everytime we would try to bear testimony of things or even at the end when the Spirit was the strongest, something came up.  The dogs would go crazy or someone would ring the doorbell so he would jump up and go get the door and kinda kill the spirit a little bit.  The Devil was working hard on him, however i feel like he is getting closer so, yeah….

      So with all of that… we don´t have any baptisms, and cannot (unless we get through to Lida) this transfer… and that´s a very… unique thing here.  From what i´ve heard, this area is known for being very challenging.  But I also feel like that if we buckle down and do some intense work and really push for it, we might be able to change that. Who better to change an area then the missionaries?!
      The language went a little better this week.  Especially in these last 2 days.  Not even my ability to speak, i mean that has increased a little bit… but these last few days I feel like my comprehension has gone up a lot.  I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that everything I do now is Spanish, i mean i don´t read the scriptures in English anymore, i only try to  read in Spanish, i have to look up words still, but i feel like that´s helping a lot! (i guess i should say Castiano).
      Things with the comp are going pretty normal.  Still sleeping in, still lazy, and still not working terribly hard.  It frustrates me.  And everytime i try to bring something up in Companionship invintory, he just says that my suggestion won´t work or that he doesn´t want to do that… so that´s a struggle but i can get through it:)
Mom- I´m sorry to hear about Aunt Elaine… that´s a bummer. And i haven´t been able to find out anything more about skype, we are going to talk to people Wednesday for that i guess… that´s what the comp said at least… i Do know that i will call you sometime before on the phone for under 5 minutes, to set up times and stuff, and it might be the 24th and not the 25th.  I haven´t gotten any packages yet, but mail day is Wednesday so… Siempre Esperar!
Dad- So are you not working for Woody anymore, or was that just a one time gig? Yeah he has a sense of humor… it´s a little hard to make jokes though cuz i´m still not a great speaker.  For the most part we get along ok. he still frustrates me but i guess that´s one thing that Eric has trained me very well on….  HaHa!! don´t be afraid of the Inca Kola! It´s awesome! the closest thing i can think to describe it is Bubble Gum!
Andy- To answer your music question…. I know i can listen to anything from MoTab and instrumentals… they were kinda fauge on that topic…. I´m going to talk to the other missionaries in the Zone and see what they say…. by the way… your letter came in the last 5 minutes of my time…. awesome about the wreath and that you get to come home… and that home gets to go back with you
Eric- ¿Cuando hable con Jordan, hablan en español o ingles? ¿Sabe qué querer estudiar? ¿Automatico? ¡que malo! Todas de la oficiná, muy bien, ¿Qué piense?
¡Los amo!
Elder Griffin

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