13 January 2014

Well hello hello!

      Sounds like things at home are going well.  I really miss the snow and cold weather haha.
      As far as this week goes, not much has been going on but i´ll do my best to walk ya through it anyway.  First off investigators.  Sergio (who we found just knocking door)… yeah we haven´t talked to him for a while… everytime we seem him, he literaly turns and sprints off the other way… i guess he doesn´t want lessons anymore.  It´s kind of a bummer cuz he was always quite, but seemed to really enjoy the lessons.  Javier is good, we have had some trouble talking to him latley because his wife is pretty sick.  It´s really sad cuz she is the reason that we found him in the first place and we were hoping to real her in through Javier.  I do feel like ole Satan is trying to do his work, cuz he has had to cancel two citas, and those were the citas that we were going to challenge him to baptism…. we do however, have a cita with him tomorrow, so hopefully he has kept his compromisos so we can invite him to baptism.  We have a new investigator named Cezer. oh Cezar… we found him through his wife who is a member.  They have two kids, the oldest is 2.  They are a really awesome family and he is accepting what we teach him.  their house has a really sweet spirit too.  So we invited him to be baptised and… he´s not married…. That has to be the biggest problem down here, nobody is married… it´s really frustrating because we have people that if were only married, would be able to progress so much faster!  We challenged Lida to baptism…. again…. this time she said maybe, and that we need to go back soon to reconfirm the date and see if she wants it… that´s never what you went to hear….
      Things with the Language have been going up and down….  I really feel like most of the time, i can understand 95 percent of what people say to me.  But these last few days, i feel like it´s been going down….  The biggest problem is talking for sure.  But all things will come with time.  The problem is i am losing paciencia (sorry i couldn´t remember how to spell it in english….)  It just gets old really fast when i don´t quite understand and have to ask to repeat, or when my sentences make sense in my head but don´t to other people.  And they make fun of you too.  That´s what gets old, i have a sense of humor and all but sometimes enough is enough.  Yeah everybody sorry i grew up in the USA!!!
      Things with the comp are going better, i feel like we have a better relationship and things are less tense for sure.  He is still trunky and i still feel like it´s effecting the work.  Sometimes it feels like 2 steps forward, 2 steps back.  One improvement (that i owe to President Borg) is his sleeping in.  He now only sleeps in for 10 minutes, which is still too long but it isn´t 8 oclock anymore.  We had interviews this week with the President, and i may have brought it up, and he said that if my comp sleeps for more then 10 minutes long, i have permission to get him up by any means needed.  This kinda scared me cuz i didn´t know how he was going to react so in comp inventory next day, i just straight up said “hey, President told me yesterday that if you sleep longer then 10 minutes extra, i can wake up with with by anymeans” he accepted that and i have not needed to use those means to help him get up! so that´s some improvement, there are still other things that need work but he, we have made some progress!!
      Mom asked about Pdays so here is the run down.  We almost always do stuff as a zone.  And it´s really fun stuff too.  We have permission to leave our zone one pday a Transfer and we can leave our sectors every pday.  and once every other Transfer, we get to go out of the mission entirely and go to the temple..  So last week we went to the beach and played volleyball.  That was a lot of fun and really relaxing, have i told you how much i love volleyball!?  Today (which is why i´m a little late)  we went to the zoo and hung out there.  Next week we are going to a sea world type thing, and the week after that we are going to some catacombs!  So i am getting to tour the country a little bit which is really fun!
Dad-  I think i´m going to call seahawks vs broncos superbowl…. And yes it is that hot here… from 6:15 when i get up, too 10:30 when i go to bed… and those are only the times that i see the temperature, i bet it gets in the 80´s in the day.  And i have heard that i get´s even hotter in february… they say way hotter… so yeah….  so how much snow would you say you have gotten at the maximum in the yard this year?
Mom- I think the two biggest things that make a difference are 1, having a good attitude, and 2, working hard and not letting the slow days get ya down. 2nd semester already? that seems quick, i guess it is january…. how many seminary teacher that i know are still teaching there?  I haven´t been able to write Sister Schofield, i really need to… Can you get her address for me?
Andy- Awe that is so Cute!!  What exactly is your new California style?  Sorry about your date thingy… keep at it haha.  So has BYU been doing pretty good this year then?  From what you´ve written they sound pretty good!  How far is the game from your house?
Eric- ¿Porque no fue a el doctor? ¡Eso is importante! Pero, has nunca le gusta los doctores…. ¡La reunión de su misión escuchar bien y muy divertido! ¿Cuantos fueron? En verdad, no es un sorpresa grande acerca del dumptruck…. ¿que hacia (sorry i don´t know how to accent the letters with the keyboard) durante su misión a mayor su vocabulario? ¿y idioma en general? ¿Quiere levantar su camioneta?
Entonces, no hay mas a decir…
los amo, siempre
-Elder Griffin

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