2 December

Hey Everybody!

      So glad to hear from everybody!  Sounds like everybody is doing good and had a wonderful thanksgiving!
      This week was pretty good.  I even lucked out and had turkey on thanksgiving and the day after!  It was hard being away from you guys during Thanksgiving and i imagine that Christmas will be even harder.. but I know this is what i need to be doing!  We had a couple of days that were very missionary bitter days.  A couple of days we just couldn´t get in anywhere or our investigators blew off out citas.  But, we also had some pretty great days as well.  We had a cita with Gabriella, the less active with a kid.  And she wanted to watch a video with us so we brought the Joseph Smith movie.  Man every time i watch it i feel the spirit more and more and come a lot closer to Joseph Smith!  And it was huge for her as well.  After the video we taught her and answered her questions.  Then she started talking about JS and all the kids he had that died and she started crying and spirit was super strong!  Unfortunatly her Peraha walked in and he doesn´t really like these things so we had to go.  But she did come to church yesterday which was Awesome!!  We had another investigator commit to baptism, so that´s 2!  But it´s been really bitter sweet with these ones…. The first one we haven´t been able to teach a single lesson too because she is always busy.  And the second one has been an investigator for a long time and she finally commited.  But on sunday, neither one showed up which is really disappointing cause we now have to move their baptism dates i think.  Not a single investigator that said they would go to Church came… so that was kinda hard too.  But all we can do is keep going forward and teach them.
      Last night we had another cita with Patrick.  He is so hard to teach and it´s hard to feel the spirit in his house sometimes because h usally has music blasting and when that goes off it´s still hard because on his desk he´ll have a pack of cigarrets, or booze… this is definently baptism by fire here haha.  It´s also hard because he doesn´t trust the Lord to much…. we´ve really been working to try and get him to quit smoking but he doesn´t have faith that he can.  But on the bright side he said last night that he really wants to have faith like us so i think that´s what we gotta keep pounding into him is faith in the Lord.
      So the weird food of the week has to go to Chicken foot soup… the gave us this bowl and there were noodles and vegetables and a whole chicken foot, just chillin there.  Luckily you don´t eat the foot but it was still really weird.  You´ll be glad to here that i am eating peas and tomatos, mainly because they give them to us, but partly because they are better then intestines…. I´m also drinking a lot more pop, it´s probably not a good thing but because the Water isn´t always great down here, they drink a lot of pop.  My favorite is Inca cola.  It´s made by coca cola but you can´t get inca cola in the states….
Dad-  that´s awesome about real! but that is stupid about the Jersey´s… who is there new sponser?  So you don´t have a bunch of snow yet? bummer…  it couldn´t have been to hard to clean the yard up with the new tractor!?  Haha yeah that was my favorite playlist! did you ever sell the little nissan?
Mom- Yeah this week was better then last week thankfully. I hope you are feeling better… that doesn´t sound like the ideal thanksgiving break… as far as Christmas stuff… a couple pairs of socks would be nice… i somehow am missing a couple of pairs! oh yea journal paper sould be pretty sweer too, i´m not out but i don´t wanna run out before i can get another package!  and once again, pictures and your world famous Christmas candy
Andy- So you were able to go home for thanksgiving? that´s awesome!  So did ya make plans for a 2 date haha?  That sounds like trents kids haha. How did you effectivly study your language?
Eric- You sold my baby!?! oh well……. How are you liking the truck? is it at least a manual?  What are some good ways to study the language?
Well love ya lots!!
Elder Griffin

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