25 November

Hey all!! man is it good to hear from you!

      Sorry i wan´t able to write last week…. My P days in the CCM were tuesday and that was the day we left for our area.  We were supposed to be able to write a quick email to the fam but they ran out of time at the mission office and most of us didn´t get to write.
      My mission president is really cool!  He was born and raised in layton.  He and his wife have to e the happiest people i have ever met!!  In our interviews we were talking about hobbies and stuff and i brough up that i like to work o cars, he thought that was pretty cool but took it to the next level when he said that he built, flew, and crashed his own plane… so yeah… he is pretty much awesome!!
      My last week in the CCm was pretty good, it was a big confidence boost for the field because my spanish felt really good.  We got a live broadcast from… shoot i don´t remember… it was like 2 weeks ago… but we got a visit from 2 area 70´s and Elder Nielson… that was pretty awesome, it was great that somebody remembered that there is a CCM down here.
      On tuesday we left the CCM for the field.  It was like a 20 minute bus ride haha.  I found out that my mission is the smallest non temple mission in the world! so that is pretty cool i think.  But i think there is a couple million in my area so i don´t really know how that works haha!
      My first area is called Maranga and i´m in a part of Lima called Elio.  Technically my whole mission is Lima but there are just different parts of it.  So i´m in Elio.  It´s a richer part of the mission which means it´s a little harder then other parts. It´s cool because we have really rich area but part of our area is really poor too.  We spend a lot of time in the poor area haha.
      So i come all the way to Peru to teach the Gospel in spanish and what happens? one of my first investigators is and American… Who doesn´t speak spanish… and aparently i´m the first english speaking missionary in this are for a while so he can finally be taught in his native english… That being said, Patrick is probably our toughest investigator.  When he lived in Boston he did pretty much every single drug out there.  He was even a dealer so that´s fun to try and figure out… What else… he used to practice voodoo with his dad and he believes in anything that he watches.  There is some self proclaimed “profet” on youtube and Patrick just eats it up! he is so set that this guy is real and that Heavenly Father wouldn´t limit his power to only one profet, so we are working hard on trying to get that fixed…
      Most of our other investigators are really young. We have a 14 year old athiest, an 11 year old boy from an inactive family, and a 10 year girld whose sister is the only one in the family in the church.  It´s really cool being out in the field teaching these people!  We do a lot of in actie work here.  I think a big reason for that is because that´s where the church needs attention and because trakting out here doesn´t work to well here.
      One other guy we are teaching has a pretty interesting story too… we were walking home one night and we here somebody yelling Elderes! Elderes!! so we turn and this guy is just running towards us!  From what i understood, he is a RM but after his mission some people in his ward were really mean to him and he fell away.  But he really wants to get back into the church.  It´s really interesting to see the difference the gospel makes in peoples lives.
      One other expirience.  We were teaching the 10 year old girl, hee name is Ana Karina.  She sometimes doesn´t seem to interested sometimes and is yet o attened church.  We had a really awesome lesson with her.  The spirit was so strong!! it was about the order of baptism and Christ coming to the Americas.  I think i liked it so much because it´s what i pictured a mission being like.  and the Gift of tonges was with me very strongly at that time haha.
      The food here is different then the CCM.  It´s still lots of rich but the meat is different.  The first thing i had was intestines… i don´t like intestines much….
      I don´t have much time… i´ll have to write about my comp next week… sorry
      Lima is was different then anything.  It´s really dirty here… everything is dirty. and it´s hot.  Not as hot as i anticipated but not real cold either.  Since i got into the field it´s been 75 the whole time,  just really humid.  You wanna know how dirty it is?  On a good night i can count 8 stars… 8 is the high… on a good night… man i miss stars….
Dad- That´s to bad about the Jazz… i still remember when they used to be good haha. Snow huh? i miss snow haha.  How did REAL do?  I´m glad at least of our teams is doing good, can´t always count on them but BYU will always try haha
Mom- It was pretty cool having Ana and Brady in my district in the CCM just to have somebody to know.  The cooking situation in Elio is different then any other area.  In all other areas there is a lady who comes and cooks food for you but here we have our meals with members always.
Andy- Glad to hear that BYU is killing it in Basketball. So are any of those football chicks an option haha?
Eric- so are you just not liking the work at botts then? who have you been going on dates with?
well i really gotta go so.. 
Los Amo!
-Elder Griffin

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