5 November

Hey guys!!
      Its so good to hear from all of you!! sounds like everything is going great!!  Things here are gong pretty good, i can’t believe i only have 2 weeks left here!  it really doiesn’t feel like ive been here for 4 weeks.  I honestly don’t know if i’m ready to go but there has to be a reason so the Lord will provide and fill in my gaps of knowledge.
      So Saturday was pretty good.  Like i said I was the Senior comp in our exchange so that was pretty terifying, but we did have a teacher and two members with us.  The teacher spoke pretty good english so he was able to coach us as we went along.  So what we weould do is the teachers and the members would break the ice and get conversation going and then they would turn the timwe over to us.  Since my temporary comp didn’t speak very much spanish he would just introduce us and then i would take over.  I think i taught like 4 lessons on saturday by myself!  The area I was in was way different then the first area i went to.  It was still very poor and way run down but it wasn’t as populated as the first area.  And most of the streets were dirt.  I spoke very slowly and very broken spanish but it was a great expirience.  We were supposed to only teach less actives but when we knocked on this door to try and find a family, we found out that they had moved, thats actually very commmon here.  When we started talking to the guy, we found out that he was very active in the catholic church… so that was pretty intimidating.  But after we gave the lesson he said that he wants to know more so the missionaries in the area are now currently teaching him, that was pretty awesome.  The next really cool expirience happened when we were walking back to the church.  We were walking and we saw this guy in a wheel chair and so we decided to talke to him.  He was an inactive member and had some WOW problems.  He is taking lessons from the missionaries but his story in really intense.  He was in the Peru army 30 years ago.  one day, he and his battalion were traveling in a bunch ov vehicles when a missile cam through the car and landed on his lap! It went off launching him way far away and took his legs off.  But he was the only one in the car to survive.  It was really interesting to see how the Lord works and how he has a plan for us.
      The last thing i have to write about… so last week i said that i was no longer a district leader… well they have assigned me to be zone leader now so thats dandy.  My responsibilities are things like planning sacrament and priesthood meeting. setting up appointments for the missionaries and President Cardon, and making sure everyone is folling the rules like bed time and study time… its kinda rough but oh well.
Mom- Yeah my comp is the one next to me in the pic.  Its probably a good thing that you didn’t send them because i found out later that you can’t send pics to the pouch and you would have needed to sent them to the MTC through the mail.  If it costs anything please don’t feel like you have to sent them…. Thats awesome about Tanner and Stratton!!  Yeah ulu told me he has been living by the missionary schedule and he says he loves it!  The weather is getting pretty warm.. i’don’t do warm to well but the CCM is arcontidioned pretty well so its not to bad
Andy- Sounds like the do Halloween right in Cali!  Im glad your job is going good. how are things with the room mates going?  Haha im impressed with your self restraint in Flashpoint.
Eric- Yeah i kinda figured that would happen… im guessing Kort has hit the road to then?  Do you like working for botts or would you rather work for Udell?
Well i gotta go!
Los amo!
Elder Griffin

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