29 October

Hey ya’ll!!
      sounds like everything is going good back home!!
      This week was pretty good, it went a lot smoother then last so thats good.  The language seems to be coming along pretty well but im still getting nervous with it.  I’m especially getting nervous because we are going proselyting again on Saturday (we go every two weeks).  It’s way more scary this time tho because last time we had six weekers and latinos there with us but because of some mission presidency meeting or something like that they are all leaving early saturday morning.  That means that my group, the people that will have been there for about 4 weeks, will have to be the six weekers and the latinos.  last time we went on exchanges with latino missionaries but this time i am going to be the most expirienced spanish speaker in my companionship and has got me a little nervous.  But oh well, there has got to be a reason for it and i’ll just have to trust in the Lord more and pray a little harder and he will fill my gaps.
      It’s a really weird thing being here sometimes because everything here is in spanish!! its a good thing but it gets really confusing sometimes.  Like just today in the temple, a guy came up and was gonna start talking to me so i was really focusing on spanish.  But he came up to me and started speaking in english… i couldn’t come up with a response and i felt way dumb haha.  There have been a couple of instances like that were i think i am definently starting to switch over to spanish.  While we were in the celestial room, i was saying a prayer and i started out in english, but half way through i realized that i was praying in spanish, i had switched over and not even relized it!  I think its a good thing but it is also kind of nerve racking because i still don’t feel like i know enough spanish to go talking to people in spanish and forget all my engllish.  half the time i forget spanish and english and just sit there kinda studdering at people!!
      So on sunday i got released from district leader… they switch every 3 weeks.  Wow it’s crazy that ive been here for three weeks… anyway, i am a little relived to be done with that but it wasn’t that bad,  my replacement is elder Larsen and he is doing a very good job.  it’s nice to be able to sit back and just focus on my studying.
      I gotta be honest, my companion is starting to get on my nerves just a little bit…. he really is a great guy but a lot of the time he has such trouble focusing!!  Sometimes i feel like i have to hold his hand to get him to just sit down and study and prepare for a lesson!  But its nothing that i can’t work out with him and there has to be a reason that he is my companion and something i can learn from him.
      I have one story that makes me a little upset with my self… today we went to tthe temple and a couple of us went to the distribution center to get some things.  We were standing in like for the cashier and i looked over and saw just a wall of Libro De Mormons and i thought to myself that i should go and buy one, they were only 2.50 soles which is like under an american doller but i decided not to because i was already buying some stuff and i already had a copy of the book of Mormon.  So after the temple we were walking around to some of the really cool little side shops and guess what happened.  Some lady in the street beckoned to us and asked us if we had a book of Mormon she could have.  Between the ten of us there was not a single book of Mormon!!  I know now that the feeling was not so i could have a book of Mormon but so i could give it to the Lady or another person of Lima.  i wasn’t to happy about that one….
Dad-I’m glad you got the siding done! from what mom told me it sounds awesome!!  Yeah i think i remember seeing that reggie look a like a time or two before i left.  That’s awesome that BYU beat boise. is taysom finally starting to get some work done?? And how is Real doing or has their season ended by now?  So today while we were out shoping we came across this really cool jersey store and i bought a Peru soccer jersey for 24 soles.  Thats like 8 american bucks!! thats my win for the day.
Mom-we haven’t been out proselyting since the first time but we are gong on Saturday and i’ll get to go again right before i leave.  We get an hour of physical time a day.  Its not bad here, me and Elder Larsen have found some cement chunks to work out with.  But every other day i do go play soccer with a lot of the otyher guys.  It is a pretty nice field, all turf, which i don’t like, but its sweet.  Every morning for breakfast we get eggs, which are way runny and not very good, a really little pancake, a bowl of yogurt to put cereal in and some toast… its not exactly the hardyest meal but its no bad.  Yeah can you just sent me some more pics of the family and of the house and things like that?  There should be a pouch address in the packet and if not just send it to the mtc.
Andy- Sounds like your ward does some pretty fun stuff.  how are things with your house mates going?
Eric- Hows work going? are you still with Botts or are you working for Brother udell now?

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