12 November

Hey all!!
      Sounds like everything is going good back home! it’s so good to hear from you!
      Everything here is going pretty good… i’ll try to think of some stuff to say haha.  Days here really blend together.  It’s been a pretty goood week for the most part but there were a couple of rough days.  I think it has to do a lot with the fact that im in here for one more week.  I’m really excited but really scared at the same time.  I’m excited because teaching people and being out in Lima is exactly what i came here to do.  But at the same time i’m scared because i don’t feel like my spanish is good enough yet and I doubt i’ll be around anyone who speaks english for a long time haha.  But oh well, that’s all part of being a missionary :)
      We got to go to the temple again today and it was way cool.  They got the new video and i was in the very first showing!! I thought that was pretty cool.  And it was pretty funny to watch the Peruvians react to it haha.  It made me chuckle a little bit.  Today was also the first Pday where our district was split up because we got a bunch of new Elders y Hermanas and they don’t really let them out on their own so they split up the most expirienced district and put a couple of Elders y Hermanas so that was fun…
      Being a Zone leader is alright… it requires more time and more knowledge of the Elders trials then i really wanted but i was called for a reason, i just gotta figure out waht that reason is haha.
      This week is going to be a great last week tho!! Tonight we get a live broadcast of an apostle from Provo! so that will be pretty cool. we don’t know who it is but it doesn’t really matter haha.  This is the second one that we will have gotten haha.  Then on Friday Elder Nelson from the 12 is coming here! So that is just Awesome!!! we’ll get to shake his hand and then have a talk from him!! i can’t wait!!  Then to top it off we get to go proselyting again on Saturday!  I can’t really think of a better week to end on haha.
Dad- The zone leader thing is going pretty good i guess… i’d rather not be but oh well…  Sounds like your putting the tractor to good use haha.  I am excited to get out but i’m really nervous at the same time.  That’s awesome about RSL!! Let me know how the game goes and who they play in the finals!!
Mom- Things with the Comp have been a bit better, he still gets on my nerves a little but he’s getting better.  Man i guess it was jsut missionary week haha! i could use a camera cord… mine disappeard… it’s not a big deal in here because all the computers have a card reader but i don’t think the ones in the field will.  Also my thumb drive would be nice. And tons and tons of your Christmas candy!!  Pictures would be nice as well… that’s all that i can think of….
Andy- haha my and my friends used to play that game all the time!! We don’t play it anymore because thats the game we were playing when that girl got knocked out… but it is such a fun game!!  Haha sorry about the haircut.. i really need one but i can’t find any clippers!
Eric- Nice! still living the missionary life huh? Is this José’s ward? When does your new semester Start?  And it is a lot of member work mainly because the church is pretty strong here.. my area is like 6X8 miles but there are 65 wards. plus, with how the houses are you really can’t knock on doors very effectivly.
    Well sorry it wasn’t much today…
los amo
-Elder Griffin

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