22 October

hey guys!!!
sounds like everything ios going pretty good down there!
i have to admit, i had a pretty rough week this week…. The language was jsut stressing me out so much! WE have two “investigators” right now and it has just felt so hard to talk to them. But it’s gotten a lot better! i still have a ways to go on the language but it’s oke. I think what really changed the feeling was that earlier this week i was super focused on the language and any spare moment i got i was studing my language books and stuff. But the other night we had a devotional and president Cardon, th mtc pres., said to remember that our first priority here is to come unto Christ. So i’ve been praying more about having the spirit with me and to have the gift of tounges but primarily on the spirit and its really changed how my days are going.
The food isnt that bad here. im already getting a little sick of the rice…. But they usually switch it up and we get a little bit of meat and bread and pretty good desert. Sometimes they try to mimick american food but they should just stick to what they know cause those are usually the worst meals. Its different here then in provo because we only have two things two choose from at each meal. And breakfast is always the same. and we also cant get as much as we want but thats ok cause the rice and bread fill me up pretty fast.
So Saturday was a pretty interesting day…. We went prostelyting, actual proselyting in the middle of the city… with a bunch of natives who speak very quickly. It was a cool expierince though. its amazing to see how little these people have. This is a third world country, at least the part we were in. There was garbage and debree everywhere. tons of dogs just wandering the streest (a latino Elder actually got bit). its really awesoime tho and i love it! The really spiritual part was the first person we talked to.. she is an inactive member named Bertha, she hadn’t been to church in a really long time and she let us in and let us talk to here (us being the latino companion i was on exchanges with) and it was really cool because she was balling before we got through the opening prayer. The spirit was so strong wshen even said shed come to church on Sunday… i think…
When we got back proselyting, one of the Elders in my district was really sick, so we gave him a blessing. it was really cool because he asked me to anoint the oil. Thats the first time ive gotten to use my priesthood in that context and it was way cool! he’s doing way better now so thats all good.
So as a district leader i have a couple of responsiblities. Some of them are; choosing prayers before class, going and reporting about my district at weekly meetings with a bunch of other DL and presidencies. I also have to be present when a blessing is being given. Thats just to name a few.
Getting around down here is way crazy! everybody drives way crazy! Everybody is either really terrrible or really awesome at driving because it’s just mas confusion but we haven’t really seen any wrecks… and the buses are tiny! everything on the road here is just like a smaller version of what we have back home. even the cars! some of us took a cab home form the temple because we couldn’t find a bus that wasn’t absolutly stuffed to the gills, and it was tiny too! its realy cheap tho, it only cost 1 sole to get back. you cant really find cheaper tranport in the USA. 1 US dollar here is almost 3 soles here so a cab for 1 sole is way cheap. the buses are only 50 centemos.
Dad- that BYU game sounds crazy!!! thats too bad about weber, i don’t like syracuse much either. Sorry about your car… that sounds awefully familiar…. And it does feel hot for the most part down here.
Mom-yeah we went into the city again today. We get to go to the temple every P-day and we can go shopping and walk around for a little bit after wards. after saturday i relized that we are in like the nicest part of lima currently, i don’t think it’ll be that way in the field tho. You can have Sis. Schofield send letters here. I can get letters here just not packages, there should be a pouch address in my mission book and thats what should be used for letters. Speaking of, would it be possible to get some more pictures?
Jess-congrats on the race! it sounds like you did awesome!! how cold is it back home? i didn’t think arizona got that cold… like ever….
Eric-Haha, i bet ya it’ll liven up for you in the dating scene pretty soon… a kid like you? forget about it!
Well thats all for this week
love ya!
Elder Griffin


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