15 October 2013

Hola mi familia!!
I’m so glad to hear that everything is going well back home! i miss you guys tons!
Everything here is going well. not to much to complain about :) Me and my companion get along pretty well. His name is Elder Anderson and he is form American Fork. He is a really good kid and has a really strong testimony. All of the missionaries in my district are from utah (except for one Hermana) and we are all going to Lima central. Ive been hear a lot of talk and apparently we are some of the First north American missionaries that have gone to central for along time. So i’m pretty excited to get into the field and see why :)
So a typical day here is like this; we wake up at 6:30 and get ready for the day, then we have breakfast and it’s off to class. The classes are pretty good but really hard, i’ve kinda felt like i’m not as good of a apsnish speaker as most of the otheres in the district and it’s been a little dicouraging. But i haven’t been here very long so i’m doing my best not to get dicouraged. We always say poco a poco so that’s what i’ll do ;) Most of our classes here consist of learning the gospel and the material we will be teaching investigators, but the catch is that the teach us in Spanish. We only here like 10 english words from our teachers every day in class. and i think that may be why i felt a little dicouraged but its been getting better:) I actually had a really cool moment the other day that was a pretty aweome testimony builder. We were teaching our first fake investigator and my and Elder Anderson had planned out pretty well what we were going to say and had written a lot of it down. we decided that we were going to teach about eternal families. We ran out of planned material pretty fast and we still had about half of the lesson to go. Elder Anderson did a really goo job at teaching and keeping the lesson going, and i was just kinda sitting smiling and noding and acting like i knew what was going on. Then out of no where i just started speaking and i spat out some pretty awesome Gospel and Docternal sentences that were perfect for the investigator. The Spirit was so strong! when we got out of the lesson i was so pumped! the gift of tongues is definently real and it has blessed me such my already! I may not know spanish very well yet but it’s amazing how much i’ve picked up in this short amount of time:).
so today is P’day and our first realy look at Peru. Man It’s crazy here! In the short time we’ve been in the city i’ve already seen like 15 people almost get run over. I don{t think pedistrians have the right of way here…. so whenever you need to cross the street you pretty much just wait for a big enough gap and run!! it’s pretty intense. Everything here is really cheap. 60 dollars transfered to 160 nuevo soles. I bought a couple of ties from the temple store (it’s mtc tradition) and they were like 15 soles a piece! that’s like, 3 bucks a piece!! you can go to some of the little shops behind metro (grocery store) and get Nike’s for like 35 bucks. It’s so awesome here, it’s way smoggy and ghetto but it’s really cool. Busses run like every 2 minutes and they are tiny! It’s really funny and kinda scary to be in traffic here. if you need to merge they just honk and cut over. I think the only thing yo0u need to be able to do to drive here is turn, stop, and honk. All day we just here car horns. Needless to say it’s way different from back home:)
So we’ve been here for like a week and Elder Dart has already been to the hospital… He’s perfectly fine now but he was playing soccer on our full turf soccer field, and he and another elder went up for a header and hit there heads. They both now have stitches. the last interesting thing that has happened this week is that they have made me district leader… yay… i really feel unqualified but i have been called so i will serve to the best of my abilities.
Dad- I’m so happy that weber won!! There is a kid in another district from Fremont so i’ll be sure to let him know:) I was in the middle of the plane on both flights so i didn’t really get to see anything :/
Mom- yeah i was way happy to get off the plane! I actually knew about jaxson and elijahs calls… its way cool thogh and i’m way excited for them!… thanks for cleaning my room… sorry about that…. the wii game is ulu’s but the other one is mine.
Andy- that trampoline park sounds way fun! were there any cute Hermanas there for ya? haha
Jess- i hope you do well on your half marathon! i’m so excited for you!
Eric- the first week was a little rough but it’s getting better. Did your teachers speak much english to you? Any tips for a nuevo espagnol speaker?
love you all!!
Elder Griffin
P.S. don’t send me any packages while i’m here… they get stuck in customs and it takes alot of money to get them out. when i get out in the field you can send them though


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