19 August

What a week!

Its been a good busy week. The Oriols game was fun, even thought they lost. We couldn;t take investigators like we did last year just cause it was so far away from front royal. We got home at 1am.

But that wasn’t the highlight of the week, Alexis was Baptized yesterday! It was a really good service. And her whole family came so that opens up a lot more teaching opportunites. Yesterday was a really good day. The last 6 months of my mission have been awsome, there was a reason i came to Front Royal to do english work! The bad part is it has gone by so stinking fast!

We had a little scare yesterday with Toni, she didn’t come to church cause she went to the catholic church. Apperently she was invited to a reunion thingy and when she got there all these peop;e just started tearing into her about being Mormon, and telling her all this anti stuff. I felt bad for her, so she gave in and went to church. I was scared cause when we got there she said she was going back to being catholic, but we talked to her for a while about the spirit, and the spirit was strong. Then she finally said, ” I didn’t feel anything at the Catholic church today…. Im coming back!” So i think it was a good learning opportunity for her, that this really is the TRUE church.

Mom & Dad- Happy anniversary!

Andy- Sounds like you are all set for California!

Ty- I’m glad you are on track to finish!

Sorry its short today, but i gotta go!

Los amo



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